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  • ​Good news for all our Spanish speaking users!

    The complete Netigate interface is now available in Spanish. Now it is even easier and faster to create, conduct and analyse your survey in your own language.
  • Netigate’s ready-made surveys facilitate management of feedback throughout the customer journey

    When a customer buys a product or service, this is in itself only a small part of a long journey which consists of all the elements before, during and after the purchase. A negative experience at any stage of this journey may result in you losing a customer. With Netigate’s new survey library, you can quickly and efficiently gather customer feedback and immediately react to negative criticism.
  • Netigate launches new functionality for embedded questions in e-mail circulars

    E-mail is currently the most widely used method for distributing surveys online, but getting a high click rate from an e-mail circular is a challenge for many. Netigate’s new functionality for embedded questions in e-mail circulars helps to increase response rates on short surveys and supports the work of ongoing customer loyalty measurements such as Net Promoter Score.
  • A lack of time is no excuse for deprioritising customer loyalty

    “No, there’s no time to measure and analyse customer loyalty. Focus is to prevent churn.” I hear variations on this statement every now and then from representatives of management teams. A lack of time is a modern phenomenon suffered by most companies. However, the argument above is like putting a plaster on an injury and hoping it will get better instead of trying to heal it from within.
  • Why the customer journey plays a significant role for your business

    Identifying and grading your customers’ touchpoints in the customer journey are the first steps to enable you to get a full grip of the customer satisfaction levels in your organisation. Allowing customers to give feedback and speak their mind along the way will help give you a full understanding of the customer experience and a great foundation on which to grow and improve your business.
  • Sample Questions for a Churn Survey to Improve your Churn Rate

    There is usually a lot of focus in the business on making sales. However, one of the key triggers of successful businesses is to ensure your customers also remain customers. To track the cancellation of your customers the term churn rate is used. In this post, I’ll be examining a way to improve your churn rate and push it down closer to 0% using churn surveys.
  • 5 pointers to consider if you REALLY want to measure customer feedback

    Successful businesses put their customers at the centre of their corporate culture and they always start with the customer’s best interest in mind when developing processes, products or services. But you need to be attentive and listen closely to what your best customers have to say, otherwise they will feel disregarded and will soon be found in your competitor’s nest.
  • Competence is most important for managers who want to create confidence

    Competence counts most when it comes to assessing the aspects that enhance confidence in your line manager, according to Netigate's Employee Report 2014. It also shows that Swedish managers need to be better at setting clear targets and setting aside time for their employees.
  • ​Buongiorno Italia!

    Good news for all our Italian friends! The complete Netigate administration interface has been translated and is now also available in Italian.
  • Netigate is looking for Partners and Resellers

    Netigate is growing rapidly on the UK and Irish market. Now we are looking for Partners and Resellers within the IT sectors who want to provide additional Feedback Management services and Online Survey Solutions to their clients. Netigate is a leading European provider of professional online survey and feedback management solutions with more than 2,000 clients and +35,000 users.