Create great looking design templates with the new Netigate Design Editor

Make great looking design templates for your surveys with the new Netigate Design Editor!

Select an existing template or create a new template, open the editor and you can click on the element you want to edit. Then it is up to you:

Add images, change colors, add shadows, edit borders and corners, change width and margins, make different font rules or do more advanced rules with CSS. Watch how the template looks in a mobile device and switch between different questions types.

Or just let the Editor autogenerate your template for your survey!


  • You make all the editing inside the template. You can see the changes you make instantly. What you see is what you get!
  • It is a click-and-edit application. You click the element you want to edit, make changes and then it’s done. Fast, easy and efficient.
  • We made the editor as user-friendly as possible without excluding any advanced features. You can create great looking templates by yourself.


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