Survey merge

To do this you have to click create a survey from the first page in the platform and then click “Merge Surveys”. You’ll now get into a new page where all the ongoing and archived surveys are listed, if a survey is in the deleted tab it will not be shown here.


On this page the first thing you can do is to name the merge that you’re going to create by entering the name in the box for “Survey name”

Below this all of the surveys are now listed and here you have four things:

The first symbol to the left (The circle) is the survey you want to copy all the settings and question descriptions etc from.

The seconed symbol (The square) is the checkbox you tick for each survey you want to use and merge the results from.

The third one is the name of the survey where the amount of questions are stated (4)

On the far right side you’ll see a flag that tells us the language of the survey.

Ones you’ve filled in a name and picked the surveys you want to merge you have to scroll to the bottom of the page, below the list of surveys a box is shown where it says “Questions in the surveys”. Here you can decied which questions you want to inclued in the survey, for example maybe you just want to merge questions 5-10 or 3-5 in each of the surveys. To merge only questions 3-5 enter 3-5 in the box. If you want to merge all the questions leave the box blank.

Finally click the “merge” button. It can, depending on the amount of questions you’re merging take a while before it is completed. Once the merge is done you’ll get straight into the result of the new survey.

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