Customer relationships are everything these days. Companies can no longer trust that customers will remain loyal to them. Instead, they must prove themselves over and over again, ensuring that their customers are satisfied⁠— even after a purchase. 

This is also the result of Parcellab‘s new Post-Purchase Report. According to this study, more than half (53%) of German online stores do not communicate with their customers after a purchase. This means: The majority of customers do not have further touchpoints with their vendor except support and returns.

Yet there is considerable potential for e-commerce providers in improving the customer experience after the purchase process. Customers expect good information about delivery processes and delays in parcel delivery as standard. Actively focusing on improving the CX at this stage can also create higher satisfaction and bring in additional business.

How online stores can use post-purchase feedback surveys 

Actively obtaining customer feedback after purchase transactions is also one of the most important post-purchase tasks.  Obtaining feedback after a purchase in online stores can result in new business opportunities:    

  • Online shop dealers can address potential problem cases quickly byctively communicating with customers about their satisfaction or gathering NPS scores, With the right feedback management, it’s even possible to reduce the number of returns.
  • Surveys about the use of purchased products can be used to sell additional services or complementary products afterwards. 
  • By obtaining feedback after the purchase process, the brand remains present in the mind of the customer for an extended time afterwards. This helps to increase the repurchase rate and brand loyalty.  

Exchanging feedback is advantageous for both parties— customer and supplier. If this does not happen, dissatisfied customers might feel the need to air their grievances elsewhere. For example, by talking about the poor performance of an online store in rating portals or social media feeds. Online retail operators will have little chance at this stage to still enter into a positive dialogue.

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Feedback loops as your easy entry into feedback management 

Feedback loops are another good reason for setting up post-purchase feedback surveys. In relation to CX, a feedback loop is a customer experience strategy that allows companies to constantly enhance and improve their offering based on customer feedback. ‘Loop’ is the operative word here, indicating how essential it is to take feedback after a purchase and feed it back into the company’s action planning. After all, the only way to truly understand what your target market wants is to ask them.

Setting up feedback loops after the purchase stage also requires very little effort. Given that a relationship has already been established with a customer at this point, you have a direct line to contacting them for feedback. Furthermore, this existing relationship also has a positive impact on your feedback response rate— something that is typically lower when you’re reaching out to individuals who haven’t yet conducted business with you.

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With more than 1,600 customers worldwide, Netigate is one of the leading feedback platforms and survey tools. Netigate ensures better customer relations through feedback. In addition to out software solution, customers can also rely on Netigate’s Professional Services team, which can take over the complete development of customer and employee surveys. This is a great option for teams who want to benefit from external expertise or simply save on internal administrative time.

Post-purchase customer feedback as part of quality management 

Numerous customers are already using Netigate for post-purchase satisfaction analysis— often even as part of internal quality assurance. German travel agency chain Lufthansa City Center, for example, is extremely satisfied with Netigate’s systematic collection of customer feedback following a purchase. And this also applies to the use of Netigate as a survey tool:

“With Netigate, we invest in a professional solution that makes our work more efficient in all our areas of responsibility. With Netigate, data analysis works at the push of a button, saving us a lot of time and money. Both our travel agencies and our head office benefit from being able to make improvements quickly,”  

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