Copy a complete survey

To copy a survey, first click on the headline Create a survey on the start page in your Netigate account. From the page that pops up, you can choose Copy a survey to copy a complete survey with all questions, e-mail text and other settings. This function imports the complete survey to your account, not to an already created survey.

Create, copy or merge a new survey

From this page you will access all surveys in your account. The Netigate question library can also be accessed from this page. This library was created by Netigate so that you can copy questions or get inspiration for new questions or surveys. In the library you will find different surveys within a number of fields and it is possible to copy all of them to your Netigate account.

The number in brackets next to the name of the survey states how many questions the survey comprises.

The flag indicates in what language the survey is created.

view_16 Click on the spyglass to preview the survey.

Click on Copy survey to import the survey to your account and name it in the box that is shown. When the survey is imported, it is possible to edit the questions under the tab Overview.

Click on the blue arrow to save and continue to the next step, End text.

You can also copy specific questions to an already created survey. This is done under the Questions-tab on the Edit page, where you choose the Library-tab. Click on the survey you want to copy one or multiple questions from and then click Add this Question (for the specific question) and it will be copied to you current survey.

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