General settings in the result


When viewing the result we will always have access to a few different settings for the entire result of our survey, click the settings button on the right hand side on the toolbar displayed at the top of the page.


In settings, you have three different options you can chose between or combine to display the result.  Just click to the right of the button where you see the “0” to move the slider.

Then just click on “OK” and it’s done.


Absolute tal – Show absolute numbers instead of percentages in your graphs.
Question numbers – Show questions numbers next to each question.
Show completes only – Only show the result from the respondents that completed the entire survey.
Change report colors – Change the standard graph colors for all your graphs in this report.
Survey Language – This function will only be shown if your survey has been translated into other languages, You can then change the language in the report as well.

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