Create new login for your survey<

Logins can be used to allow users other than the account owner to access limited information of one or more surveys. For example this makes is possible to allow outside parties to see the results of a survey of interest.

Create new login

Step 1

Enter the requested information:

E-mail (username): Enter the e-mail address of the person you want to access the survey. This will also serve as the person’s username.

Password: This is the password for your new user.

Valid until: Enter a date for how long you would like the login to be valid.

Language: Here you can choose what language you would like the login to be in (this only applies for the user interface).

Cross tabulation limit: To protect individual respondents, a limit for breakdown of results can be entered. The figure indicates how small a group of respondents a filtered result may result in at minimum. If a breakdown or filter results in having a smaller number of respondents, the session is stopped. If a cross tabulation limit is set, individual responses cannot be reviewed, either, and reports with individual responses or raw data are blocked.

Step 2
Assign rights to the new user:

System user: Select this alternative if the user is to have complete administrator rights.

Allow view-only access to the following surveys: Choose this option if you want the new user to have read-only rights. You can limit access to specific surveys by selecting these surveys in the tick boxes.

Always show anonymous results: Show this option if you do not want the new user to view individual answers. The names in the survey will be anonymous for this user.

Click Save to save these settings and continue.

Managing existing logins
Your newly created user login and those previously created are shown in a list with six columns:

Column one: E-mail addresses to all users. Click on an e-mail address to change settings for this specific user. Here you can also see what language the login has.
Column two: Shows what kind of access rights the user has. Access (number) shows which surveys the user can access. Unlimited access means that the user can access all surveys.
Column three: Shows whether the user has access to anonymous resluts or not.
Column four: Shows which date the login was created.
Column five: Shows if the user login is valid, ie that the valid until-date has not passed. There is also a clickable mail icon that can be used to send a automatic e-mail to the new user with his/hers login details.
Column six: Click the blue cross to delete the user.

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