Share your result & Download reports

Save & Load your reports

After you created your cross tabulation and/or series and want to save it for later use it just requires three easy clicks.

First off, click on the “SAVE & LOAD” button.


A new window will appear, now press “SAVE”, you can also press “SAVE AS” which has the same function for a brand new report. If you are working with an already saved report and wish to change name you use “SAVE AS” which gives you the option to rename the report.


Now enter the name you want the report to be saved as and click “SAVE” and your report is now saved for later use.


How to use saved reports?

Start off with “SAVE & LOAD”




As you can see from this example I have saved two reports. Just click “LOAD” (highlighted in yellow) for the report you wish to open and you will now be able to view it again.

Download your result

First you click on “EXPORT”


A new window will now appear for you. Here you have the six different ways to download the result.
Just click on the desired report and it will automatically be download for you.


POWERPOINT – This is a great way to present your report with a good overview of the entire survey presented in your own powerpoint template.
PDF – Download your result to a PDF document.
RAW DATA – This will be downloaded as an .xls (excel 97-2003) file. This excel file contains three tabs; Values, Labels and Weights.
SPSS – Download your result to SPSS.
EXCEL – Download the aggregated result to Excel.
DASHBOARD – Soon you will be able to create your own dashboards, stay tuned for this feature.



Share your result
When viewing your result it is very easy to share the result with your colleagues.


  1. Click on “SHARE”, highlighted in yellow
  2. Type in desired name and press ”SAVE”
  3. As the image below now shows, your report has now been saved. To share it with others just click on the “share” icon highlighted in yellow located to the right. If you have already saved other reports they will appear here as well.
  4. The report can now be shared in two different ways.


First way (via E-mail);

  1. Enter a subject
  2. Enter a message
  3. Enter the email(s) address you want to send it to.

i. To add multiple emails just separate them with either a line break or “;”.

  1. If you want the users to have a cross tabulation limit just activate that by checking the “Allow filtering” box and set the limit to for example 5 to make sure they won’t be able to filter the result on less than 5 respondents.
  2. Click “SEND”


Second way;
Generate link, when doing this you can allow filtering and set a cross tabulation limit.
Click generate link and then copy the link and use it in the way you want.


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