To access the respondents menu click on “RESPONDENTS” located in the menu on the left hand side when viewing your result.

Below you see the main layout of the respondents’ page
We will now go through all sections of it and explain the main functions and what you can do when looking at the individual answers in your surveys result.

Survey respondents explanation


We will now explain the different meanings of the colored labels. You can also filter this simply by clicking the box next to the labels and of course you can mix the filter the way you wish.

  • Blue – The answers for this respondent has not been read.
  • Green – The answers for this respondent has been read.
  • Red – The respondents answer has been commented by the survey administrator. A link will be generated and sent to the respondent with the comments.
  • Yellow – the label will change color to yellow when the respondent reacts to the comment left buy the survey administrator.

The status as we described shows the status of individual answers whilst the menu below filters the whole surveys answers in to four different categories.

filter respondents

By clicking any of the buttons (answered, completed, accessed or not accessed) the system will only show the respondents that belong to that category, as in this example the button for completed has been clicked so only the respondents that completed the survey will be shown.

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