Distribute your surveys via sms

Send your survey to mobile phones via sms and get answers from your respondents wherever they are. Respondents answer in a quick and simple way using their mobile phones’ internet browser.

Note:The sms-function is available to all our Netigate Enterprise customers. Netigate Enterprise is our most sophisticated license and include in addition of sms a number of other functions that will give you further use of your surveys and results. Please contact us if you want to know more about Netigate Enterprise.

Why use sms?

Get answers from your respondents wherever they are.

Answers are gathers quickly and you could follow the result in real time.

Useful when conducting, e.g. a poll that has to be decided fast.

Practical and simple to use when inviting people to an event.

To get immediate feedback on activities such as conferences.


Distribute your survey via SMS

Click on SMS in the toolbar on the left hand side to create your SMS send out and reach your respondents wherever they are. You can rename your send out by clicking the edit button, this is handy when you’re working with multiple send outs.

Just as with the e-mail send outs in Netigate you get the option to enter who/what should be entered as the send of the message, enter the text that is going to be displayed (you will always be able to tell how many characters you have left to work with on the right hand side), the time and date of the send out as well as adding reminders. There is also the option to send an test SMS by clicking Test SMS.


After you’ve clicked add reminder you get the option to specify date and time for that send out as well as editing the SMS message. To edit the reminder, click edit sms. You also get the option to specify recipients of the reminder. All (everyone), Not sent (respondents that has not been part of the initial send out), Not Accessed (respondents that has not yet clicked the link to the survey), Incomplete Answer (Respondents that has not completed the survey as well as those that did not Access it) and Completed (useful for example if you want to schedule a thank you email to those that answered the survey).


From the respondents tab that you reach by clicking continue is where we add our phone numbers that we send the survey to. Important to note here is the format of the phone number, it must be as follows 44701234567, that is with out + or 00 before the country code.


You can also a respondent list (background data) to your send out, to do that you have to upload your respondent list to your Netigate account. You can read more about our background data functionality here.

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