There are a million different ways to put together a survey in order to investigate a potential market; but they have all one thing in common – the ultimate purpose.
According to the experienced market research specialist Julia Whitehead, market research can be divided into two major categories, based on either quantity or quality. Which of these you should go for depends entirely on what you want to achieve with your market research. Quantitative research will tell you how large your potential target group is. Whilst qualitative research goes more into what it is that they appreciate and ultimately require from your services or products.

market research
Both types may be conducted either face to face at a specified time or by using customised online surveys. They may also be carried out as a combination survey and will then provide a broader picture of what your customers want. As well as how large your customer group may become if and when you meet the requirements stated.

Ask for help

We all know a lot of things, but no one knows everything. You are excellent when it comes to your special area of expertise. Others are excellent when it comes to conducting research surveys. Netigate is there to help you. Provide them with a basic research brief and they will help you put together a market research survey that will lead to you acquiring the knowledge you lack today about your potential market.
Define what you want to know. For example, are you looking for statistical figures or personal comments (quantity or quality)? Either way, Netigate will help you find out in the best possible way.

Netigate – with the right approach

You may address market research surveys to existing customers, lost customers or potential new ones. Through a perfect survey you can find out people´s preferences, necessary improvements of products or services, and how well you stand up against your competitors. You may also use market research and the results it produces for promotional purposes. Should you define a new potential target group during your research process.

When you ask Netigate for help, the Market Research Survey will give you a solid base on which to stand when further developing your company strategies. Read more about different types of market research and contact us if Netigate if you have any questions!