Here’s the first exclusive look at our brand new survey report engine. We’ll start rolling this out to Netigate users at the end of the year. Our product team have been hard at work over the last eight months. Making an exciting updated version of the Netigate survey software. This release will give the current analysis capabilities a feature-packed boost. That’s easy to use while offering valuable insights at the level of detail you require – adding value for all Netigate customers.

Understand data – then use it

Once you’ve created and distributed your surveys, the analysis begins. We know insights are crucial to helping make practical, data-driven actions in your business. That’s why we’re making our insights offering smarter and more detailed. Providing everything in a ready-to-use format to save you time.

The new report setup is divided into two parts. One part is the data side – for this aspect, the team has been focused on making the features more stable, with better performance and higher security. The output is that we now handle far larger volumes of data. Coupled with being much more stable at the same time. It will also allow us to introduce new functions that can offer more advanced insights; including sentiment analysis for open text answers, and statistical correlation analysis.

For customers, this means larger surveys with more answers can be processed faster and more reliably to extract the data you need. You can also export and share tailored reports with colleagues in real-time. Another benefit is that since we can work faster with the data, we can also apply more advanced analytics. For the user, we significantly reduced complexity – at the click of a button you can now access deeper actionable insights.

insight platform

The second part of the report update is flexibility. In the new version, we have the ability to add dashboard solutions and customisation. For example, presenting your feedback KPIs on a TV screen, or using your phone and follow the most recent thoughts from your surroundings. Plus, different reports can be exported easily and sent directly to the relevant person in your organisation using the new ‘multi-export’ feature. So if you need multiple different versions of your report, with different filters or breakdowns. They can be easily exported or shared. So instead of performing the same actions over and over again, now you can do it in two clicks.

Create a survey in minutes

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  • Analyse responses with filters & AI

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Practising what we preach

We’re a feedback company and reviewing is in our veins. The overhaul of the insights platform came about because of what we learned by looking at how our customers use our survey platform and their feedback. As we developed the new survey report version, we tested with Netigate customers – both experienced and new ones – to see how they perceived it and how it could be improved. Usability is key for us in everything we do.

Powerful future-proofing

We will continually review the new survey report. You can look forward to more functionality in future versions next year. Be sure to keep an eye on the Success Center for updates and information about new features, related to the report as well as other exciting add-ons.

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