New Mobile-friendly Survey Designs

Here’s something refreshing!

– We have introduced a new and mobile friendlier survey design for you and your respondents.
– We have made it easier than ever to find and select the right designs for your survey.
– We also have introduced Mobile Preview that lets you view how the survey will look on a mobile device

Here’s how:

1. Start

When you begin your survey (either by creating a new survey or copying a previous version), just click “Survey Design”

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 15.03.47

2. Select Your Survey Design

After you have clicked on “Survey Design”, a new window opens up. In the side menu on the left you can see your Recently Used designs, along with “Mobile-friendly Designs”, “Classic Designs”, and “Deleted Designs”.

New Tools Computer Screen

3. Preview

When you have selected your design from the side menu, you can preview how the design will look on different devices.

mobile friendly designs

We hope you enjoy these updates!

Netigate Product Team

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Saeid Mirzaie

Senior VP, Marketing and Product

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