Personalize your e-mail sendouts

By adding personal information in your e-mail message you increase the possibility of the respondent answering you survey.
With the function Personalize e-mail you could add the name of the respondent in your e-mail message. Other information such as contact person could be added.

Personalize the survey invitation

What are the advantages?

Gives your survey a personal touch.

Makes the respondents feel important.

Increase the possibility of the respondent answering your survey.

Note: This function is not to recommend when conducting sensitive surveys such as employee satisfaction survey as it is important to keep them anonymous.

How to use Personalized e-mail send out:

1. Create your survey as usual. Finish how your e-mail message should look like.

2. The information you will use must first be entered into an Excel-document as we do with background data (read more about background data) Make sure it contains the information you want to use, such as name of the respondent and perhaps the name of their contact person on your end (could be the sales contact / account owner for example).

3. Click “Upload file” under the respondents menu in your send out to upload your excel file.

4. When you’ve uploaded the file and saved it to your send out go back to your mail text. You’ll now see a small button called BGD in the HTML menu.

Now click the place in your mail text where you want the infromation to appear. As en example let’s start with the name of the respondent. So I click right next to the word “Hi” and enter a blank space and now click the BGD button, a small menu will now appear where you can choose from the columns you uploaded from your excel file. So let’s pick the column containing the respondents name. You’ll now see what we call a background data “tag” appear next to the word Hi, this will be replaced with the name of each respondent (email address) automatically when the survey is sent out all based on the data you uploaded with the excel file previously.

Now let’s repeat the steps above but after creating a line break under the words Kind regards where we now want to place the account owners name just as the image above shows. When you’re done it will look something like this.

Feel free to contact our support teams if you have any questions!



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