Share your result

1. Click on “SHARE”, highlighted in yellow.

2. Type in desired name and press ”SAVE”


3. As the image below now shows, your report has now been saved. To share it with others just click on the “share” icon highlighted in yellow located to the right. If you have already saved other reports they will appear here as well.

4. The report can now be shared in two different ways.

First way (via E-mail);
a. Enter a subject
b. Enter a message
c. Enter the email(s) address you want to send it to.
i. To add multiple emails just separate them with either a line break or “;”.
d. If you want the users to have a cross tabulation limit just activate that by checking the “Allow filtering” box and set the limit to for example 5 to make sure they won’t be able to filter the result on less than 5 respondents.
e. Click “SEND”

Second way;
At the top of the window you’ll see a link. Just copy that link and you may now distribute it the way you want (No cross tabulation filter can now be set).

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