Branded URL

Recognition and trust

A branded URL allows you to give your survey link a professional, personalised feel. You can choose to change the first part of the survey link to whatever you'd like, e.g. your company name. It gives your recipients confidence that the survey is coming from you and that they can trust it. That way, you can increase both brand visibility and response rate.

The benefits of a branded URL:

  • Increase trust by adding recognition to your survey links
  • Increase brand awareness and visibility by placing your brand name on all your shared links
  • All branded URLs are secure, thanks to SSL certificates
  • No new domain name required

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    Is this included in my license?
    Two-way SMS is included in Professional & Enterprise licenses, but can be purchased separately as an add-on.
    How do I get a branded URL?
    We have all the documentation prepared! It's a small implementation that your web developer can easily handle!
    Who can help me?
    Our experts are always ready to help you to ensure that the implementation is successful.