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Seminar feedback made easy

Are you a provider of training, education, seminars? Start collecting feedback and ratings from participants of your seminars, trainings and e-learnings now using our easy-to-use Netigate survey tool. Netigate: Already now the favorite choice for leading education providers worldwide.

Netigate: Your professional seminar feedback platform


Stop the paperwork for seminar evaluations

Stop the paperwork with long printed documents and Excel evaluations, when it comes to your seminar evaluation: Digital surveys created with Netigate make your seminar evaluation faster, easier - and above all more meaningful.
Get feedback at all touch points with your seminar participants - increasing your response rate and meaningfulness of answers without wasting time:
  • Pre-event surveys, for example, to determine the expectations or to query the learning status
  • Surveys during the event: to inform your trainers to adjust learning content and collect group sentiment you instant feedback to improve your training offering
  • Post-event surveys to obtain feedback on learning content, learning conditions, trainers, and opportunities for improvement.

This is how you benefit directly from seminar feedback:

More satisfied seminar participants - and higher re-booking rates
Today's customers expect to be able to express feedback - and reward this possibility with higher customer loyalty. Those who provide feedback are more likely to book another offer with you in the near future.
Higher recommendation rates
Through your direct feedback, for example on recommendation rates (NPS), you create an unforgettable customer experience - and ensure that your seminar participants also share this positive experience with other colleagues.
Better delivery of learning content
Get precise information on the learning and knowledge needs of your participants - and optimize your seminar program and curriculum.

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Get started quickly with our survey templates

You want to get started quickly with your professional seminar feedback? With our seminar feedback template, we provide you with a sample in our survey tool that already contains the most important questions around seminar evaluation as well as initial logics for survey evaluation. We would also be happy to advise you on the systematic design of your questionnaires, for example, in order to carry out long-term measurements or pulse surveys. Simply contact us - or read our blog post with 7 tips & tricks on improving your seminar feedback efficiency.
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Meaningful reports - with email push messages for new responses

Whether directly after an event or over a longer period of time: With our meaningful reports and their various filter options, you get a good overview of the satisfaction of your seminar participants:
  • Key values such as the Net Promoter Score (NPS) give you a quick overview of the engagement of your participants
  • Get important impulses for the improvement of your seminar offer through open text questions
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Wide range of customization options for seminar providers

Netigate's functionality goes far beyond a pure survey tool. Thanks to the. Thanks to the integration of various links and logics, seminar providers also use our software for many other purposes:
  • Use Netigate as a tool for brainstorming and collecting live feedback during a seminar
  • Create online forms with Netigate for seminar registration via your own website
  • Use Netigate as a tool to create quizzes and educational games - thanks to the integrated quiz function!

Start your own seminar survey in just 3 steps

Set up your seminar survey...
Whether starting from scratch with an individual questionnaire or based on sample templates: With our intuitive survey builder, you can create your own professional-level seminar survey in no time at all.
...collect seminar feedback at any time...
Easily collect feedback before, during and after seminars - how and where you want. Via smartphone, computer, terminal...
...systematically improve your educational offer
Respond immediately to feedback from your participants - and use reporting data to improve your educational offerings in the short and long term.

Frequently Asked Questions on Seminar Feedback and Seminar Surveys

Why should I have my seminar evaluated using surveys?
Why should I have my seminar evaluated using surveys?
Educational offers such as seminars, training or courses are associated with a large use of resources (time, costs, energy, ...) for both providers and participants. In this context, it is therefore important to tailor the educational offerings to the learning needs of the participants in a targeted and precise manner.

With the regular and systematic conduct of surveys before, during and after seminars, training providers receive direct feedback from their participants, which they can use in a variety of ways:

- For direct feedback on individual questions and registrations
- To systematically improve the learning content
- To track improvements over time

Seminar surveys with direct participant feedback help to identify inefficient training content and remove it from the agenda. Thanks to open questions, you get ideas for new learning content and learning needs, and can thus systematically improve your training offer.
How do I use a survey tool for seminar rating and seminar evaluation?
How do I use a survey tool for seminar rating and seminar evaluation?
A seminar evaluation survey tool can be used at many different points in your seminar program.

For example:

- Surveys before the event to determine learning status and expectations- .Surveys during the event, e.g. as impulse surveys on the current mood or expectations in the learning groups
- Post-event surveys to measure satisfaction and identify opportunities for improvement.
Why online surveys for seminars?
Why online surveys for seminars?
Online surveys are the easiest and most efficient way to gather seminar feedback. You can distribute seminar surveys created with Netigate via all conceivable digital channels - starting with links or embedded in e-mails, on your website or in terminals. Many Netigate users from the seminar area also have displays with a QR code for the survey in the seminar room, so that participants can give their feedback directly via smartphone.
What are the advantages of digital seminar surveys compared to paper questionnaires?
What are the advantages of digital seminar surveys compared to paper questionnaires?
They are still standard in numerous seminars and training courses: paper questionnaires (pen-and-pencil questionnaires). Sure - at first glance they are easier to fill out, but the disadvantages outweigh the disadvantages:

- High manual effort and error rate when transferring the questionnaire results, e.g. into a spreadsheet
- High time delay in the evaluation, reports and algorithms (e.g. NPS calculation) also have to be built in-house
- Lower response rate than with digital surveys via Netigate, since there are no follow-up and reminder options (e.g. emails)

In addition, paper questionnaires are no longer possible, especially with the increasingly popular virtual seminars. Anyone who wants to collect seminar feedback systematically and over the long term cannot avoid a digital survey tool.
Can I also use Netigate as a tool for registering for seminars?
Can I also use Netigate as a tool for registering for seminars?
Yes. You can also use Netigate as a tool for seminar registrations, for example as a form to embed on your website. To do this, simply follow these steps:

- Simply start a new survey, as usual.
- Ask for the data you need as free text fields (possibly also mandatory)
- Use our embed function for the website to use the form.

Of course, you can also use logics and additional fields for this purpose, as well as generate automatic response e-mails. Also your colleagues in the seminar administration can get access to the data of this report (as well as push notifications).

Netigate can of course also be used for other queries, as well as highly customized. Some of our seminar customers even use Netigate to book hotel accommodations at registration.
Can e-learning modules also be assessed?
Can e-learning modules also be assessed?
Of course,. Netigate is used as a survey tool not only for face-to-face seminars, but also on learning platforms or virtual learning environments for e-learning. Especially in virtual or hybrid learning models, embedding online surveys is very easy - and also important, since here the direct feedback of learners to a trainer for the systematic further development of e-learning modules is missing.
What are the differences between online and face-to-face seminar feedback?
What are the differences between online and face-to-face seminar feedback?
In face-to-face events, trainers are able to determine an "informal" picture of the mood through personal interaction with the participants. Of course, this "direct line" to the learners is completely eliminated with virtual offers.
And it is precisely here that it is all the more important to collect the seminar feedback from participants by means of surveys, otherwise essential information on the efficiency of the learning content will be lost.
How can seminars be evaluated?
How can seminars be evaluated?
The evaluation of seminars, training and courses is carried out by means of surveys. These usually contain some typical question types, as you can see in our sample template for seminar evaluations.

Typical questions are for example:

- What is your overall impression of the seminar (on a scale of 1-5)
- How relevant was the content of the seminar for you?
- What content would you like to add to the seminar?
How do I evaluate speakers?
How do I evaluate speakers?
A seminar or training course naturally thrives on the presence of your trainers and instructors - and feedback from participants is particularly important for your instructors in order to improve the learning content.
Typical questions concerning the evaluation of instructors are, for example, how well the instructor conveyed the learning content (e.g. on a scale of 1-5), or how individual or constructive the feedback was.
What safety aspects should be considered when evaluating seminars?
What safety aspects should be considered when evaluating seminars?
As with other online surveys, the same applies to seminar evaluations: When people give feedback, personal data circulates very quickly. Therefore, when choosing your survey tool, pay attention to crucial aspects such as handling private data and the hosting location.
With the Netigate survey tool, users benefit from a particularly high level of security:

- Highest standards for information security (we are ISO 27001 certified)
- Server location in the European Union or Germany
- Data processing according to DSGVO (GDPR) standards

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