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You are well aware of the importance of good customer service skills. But are you actually measuring them to learn how to improve your customer service standards?

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How customer service questionnaires help you


Asking your customers about your customer service will give you relevant insights and feedback, but it also gives them the possibility to help you improve your processes. In today’s world, with global internet access and transparency in all processes, a customer can expect you to have a fast response time. And if they are not satisfied with the given response time, you rather want to collect that kind of feedback in a customer service survey than read a public post about it in social media.

How to set up a questionnaire


Our customer service questionnaire contains a set of questions that have been put together by our experienced research consultants. It covers what most companies want to find out from a customer service survey. It helps you to get started today and the questions can, of course, be adjusted in order to meet your organisation’s specific needs.

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