Alba Moda


About Alba Moda

Alba Moda tailors its range of products to the target group
Alba Moda, as a quality oriented multi-channel supplier, offers fashion, shoes and accessories for women and men of style, with its own Italian inspired designs. Its key markets are Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Russia.

The Solution

Easy setup of surveys
Alba Moda uses Netigate’s services in the e-commerce area for customer surveys and product research surveys. Alba Moda also uses Netigate for in-house surveys. The fashion supplier decided to use Netigate because of its user friendliness.

“Netigate is the optimal tool for surveys, which should be able to be conducted without laborious planning or preliminary lead times.”

After brief training, the employees are already able to set up and conduct surveys. With the Netigate account, any number of surveys required can be conducted within the term.

“We conduct a lot of small surveys, which lead to short-term results, so that we can take actions quickly.”

The Results

Selection planning optimised
On the basis of the customer feedback, Alba Moda optimized its selection and product planning. Design inquiries, especially, lead to significant results because the customers feel personally addressed and involved. Also, for its social media, the fashion supplier uses Netigate:

“Now we know a lot more about the social media habits of our customers and can better judge, where reasonable, to offer a specific app.”