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IndustryRepair & Installation

About Carglass

Carglass, based in Germany, specializes in repairing and changing car glass. The company works with both the car industry and with buses and trains. Carglass is a leading vehicle glass repair and replacement company with over 2,200 employees around the world.

Short survey constantly executed

Carglass® measures employee satisfaction through eNPS
Carglass uses Netigate in the human resources field and executes, for example, pulse surveys with its employees. The company had been conducting an extensive employee survey for years, but with the help of employee Pulse surveys it now focuses on the perception of Carglass as an employer in this project. Contrary to the biannually executed employee survey, which has more than 60 questions, the Net Promoter Score-based pulse survey is essentially shorter and is conducted continuously.

Well accepted among employees

The pulse survey consists of four brief questions. The main Net Promoter Score question, “Would you recommend Carglass as an employer?“, is complemented by three additional questions. Those vary according to current situations.

“The short online survey has been very well accepted all over the company, which is underlined by a high response rate of 75 %.“

Results shared with the company

The survey results in a recommendation rate (eNPS value), which is an important key performance indicator (KPI) for the internal employer branding that can be compared over the course of time. Furthermore, the questions that follow give answers to why employees would recommend Carglass as an employer and what needs to be improved. For Mirko Schüssler, Head of Employee Branding and Recruitment Marketing at Carglass, it is important to share the results within the whole organization and use it as a base for action.

With Netigate the results are exported into appealing presentations for the management. Carglass breaks down the results for every department within the company and forwards them to each department manager. The department managers can easily compare their department’s results with those of other departments and those of the whole company.

“Netigate enables us to conduct surveys fast and easily and share the results within the whole company for immediate action”