About Cervera

With 30 years of service, Cervera is the leading retailer of quality products within the cooking, serving and kitchen décor market sector.
Cervera has 73 stores, and their eCommerce store is one of Sweden’s largest resellers of kitchenware and home décor. The ‘Cervera Club’ launched in 2007 and has over 1.2 million members today, serving as one of the company’s most competitive benefits. Cervera’s customer club is also the company’s most important source of customer insights and was rewarded with the Swedish trade’s prize of best loyalty program in the spring of 2017.

How To Create The Best Customer Club

Cervera is actively working with its customer program, Cervera Club, to leverage all the possibilities that real customer loyalty through a customer loyalty program brings with it.Understanding the activities that create true loyalty and key price drives are impossible without the use of an analytical and data-driven approach. This leads us to Cervera’s biggest challenges:

  • Continually measuring true loyalty in a way that is safe and anonymous for respondents.
  • Clarifying the possible connections between loyalty and sales.
  • Identifying which activities create loyalty and to what degree.

The Solution

  • Access to a user-friendly and sophisticated survey tool with a large selection of survey templates.
  • A survey tool that imports background data for a more extensive survey analysis.
  • The possibility to merge several examinations for an aggregated analysis while maintaining functionality for raw data export.

“Just as planned, Netigate has become the platform in which Cervera uses to generate customer insights and measure customer loyalty. Although it has largely become something we use to create loyalty, it’s great to be able to see customer insights and true customer loyalty at the same time!”

The Results

Examinations through Netigate have been a crucial vehicle for years in Cervera’s strive for loyal customers. Analyses have proven that surveys can not only be used to measure loyalty but also to create it. This is something that has become an important part of the loyalty work in Cervera Club.

Low threshold to get started coupled with fast survey creation while maintaining a broad spectrum of usage allowed Cervera to initiate approximately 50 surveys in the last year.

Exporting survey data has provided an extensive analysis/modeling of survey data. This has enhanced the connection between true loyalty and the underlying factors and activities.

The abilities, functionalities, and opportunities to recycle survey questions have contributed to creating loyalty activities. This measurability has also resulted in long-term sales for Cervera.