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DEKRA has been working for safety for over 90 years: Founded in Berlin in 1925, the German Motor Vehicle Monitoring Association (Deutscher Kraftfahrzeug-Überwachungs-Verein e.V.) has become one of the world’s leading expert organisations. DEKRA SE is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DEKRA e.V. and manages the Group’s operating business. In 2017, DEKRA achieved sales of more than 3.1 billion euros. DEKRA has more than 44,000 employees working in over 50 countries on all five continents.

By providing qualified and independent expert services, they work for safety in traffic, at work and at home. DEKRA’s wide-ranging portfolio includes vehicle inspections, expert opinions, claims settlement, industrial and construction testing, safety consulting , testing and certification of products and systems, training courses and temporary employment The vision for the company’s 100th anniversary in 2025 is for: DEKRA to become a leading global partner for a safe world.

Why does your company rely on employee feedback?

Our company is very large and very decentralized, which is why it can be difficult to receive direct feedback from the working environment of our colleagues in our branch offices.
As part of our 2025 Vision, we have implemented new solutions, including a strong emphasis on employee orientation.
In order to make the company even better for our employees and to make the appropriate documents available, we want to learn more about the needs regarding internal media use. We hope to achieve this by using the Netigate employee survey.

How do you use Netigate in your company?

We started with a one-off survey, which was initially aimed at employees in Germany.
The purpose of this online survey was to gain insight into the use of internal media.

What challenges did you face and what goals did you pursue with your survey project?

Conducting an online survey was new to us, so we faced several challenges:

1. Formulating the appropriate questions and narrowing down the set of questions.

2. Until that time, we had always conducted surveys in paper format. The surveys were distributed as a supplement in our internal employee magazine. Now, we were doing an online survey for the first time. We needed to find the best way to reach our employees and to make sure that everyone had easy access to the survey.

Our goal is to gain knowledge about the usage habits of our employees regarding the internal channels of communication and also to obtain statements regarding their preferences and wishes for internal communication in the future.

How did Netigate help you to overcome these challenges?

Netigate has especially distinguished itself by providing tremendous support and by being our expert partner throughout the entire process. Especially to be emphasized are:
1. The Netigate team’s excellent support in developing the list of questions.

2. As well as their excellent support during the evaluation of the answers to the questions

3. The fact that the team was always responsive and available at all times to offer advice and expertise.

What measures did you implement based on the survey results?

Netigate’s evaluation offered us the opportunity to cluster the answers from the free text fields. This made it easy to recognise patterns. These were supported by the answers to the quantitative questions. The presentation of the answers in clearly arranged diagrams and the ability to create filters and breakdowns helped us to obtain valuable insights. This allowed us to implement many useful measures to reorganise our internal communications.

What successes have you achieved by using Netigate?

First of all, we gained valuable insights into the usage behavior as well as the preferences and wishes of our employees, especially by evaluating the free text fields. This has led to an optimisation of our internal communication, for example, by bundling and simultaneously strengthening the communication between the channels.

“Netigate has especially distinguished itself by providing tremendous support and by being our expert partner throughout the entire process.”

In your opinion, what are Netigate’s special strengths?

The team offers excellent support.

Excellent feedback and recommendations on methodology, questioning techniques, etc.

Intuitive operation of the user interface.

The option to easily design the questionnaire yourself.