IndustryTravel agent


eTRAVELi is the leading online travel agent in the Nordic region. They offer airline tickets, package holidays, hotel accommodation and other travel-related services through various brands, including, for example, Supersavertravel, Seat24, Travelstart and Flygvaruhuset.

eTRAVELi assesses its customers’ needs with the aid of Netigate

When operating in a dynamic industry where prices are changing all the time, it is important to keep up with developments. eTRAVELi does this by continuously conducting customer satisfaction surveys among its customers to gain insight into their needs.

“The greatest benefit we see with Netigate is that we have access to a standardised system for continuously collecting data about our customers’ needs and how they rate us. The customer satisfaction surveys enable us to take the pulse of our customers on a regular basis, thereby ensuring that we don’t miss any change in behaviour. This means that we can react quickly to change and take action if required.”

Surveys contribute to user-friendly sites

For eTRAVELi, customer interaction begins when customers want to book a trip through one of the various brand sites. It is therefore crucial for the sites to be perceived as reliable, and for customers to have a broad range of options. Netigate is used to continuously evaluate the customer experience, with the results contributing to everything from improvements in terms of user-friendliness to major projects such as the continued development of hotel services.

“We noticed from the results that we were not regarded as being transparent when it came to hotel bookings because we were simply not communicating our hotel services in a sufficiently clear manner. Using the results as a starting point, we developed a new hotel service and clarified our communication.”

Integration that links Netigate with other systems

In order to maximise the benefits from its systems, eTRAVELi needed to integrate Netigate via API:

“Netigate took on board our requirements and created a custom integration feature that functions as we intended it to. It was an effortless process, as Netigate was extremely accommodating and organised integration in such a way that we were able to get the service up and running in no time.”