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About Fresenius Kabi

Fresenius Kabi is a global, market leading company specialising in clinical nutrition, infusion therapy and medical technology. The company describes itself as a supplier for the entire care chain and has about 32 000 employees with laboratories and sales departments in more than 70 countries across the world.

Customer satisfaction is of prime importance

Fresenius Kabi’s objective is to stand for progress and quality in the development of innovative products and services for the therapy and treatment of chronically ill people. Netigate enables us to measure customer satisfaction and collect feedback, which is valuable for us to use as, for example, documentation and information to our contractors.

Use Netigate in the entire Nordic Region

As system administrator for our Norwegian account I work a lot with the input of questions and surveys related to our products. I feel Netigate is good, intuitive and easy to use in all the steps of the survey process. As we have a license for the Nordic region, Netigate is also used in Sweden, Finland and Denmark. We also carry out a lot of internal surveys, for example, we follow up our sellers. Furthermore, Fresenius Kabi arranges yearly courses for health care professionals in our main target groups where we offer everything from residential courses to seminars. These are also followed up with the help of Netigate.

“Feedback from both customers and employees has been a significant contributing factor in our improved sales“

Caring for Life

With our motto “Caring for Life“, we seek to unite our employees under one corporate identity. In order to take stock of how our staff feel we continuously carry out employee and work environment surveys to identify the current situation and see which areas we can improve. We have been doing this for four years. After each survey we have been able to correct things in our business based on what has been revealed. It is easy to understand what to do and, if I need any help, I always get really good service from our local contact person in Norway, which is much appreciated. The various report options are also useful as I often export results to PDF and PowerPoint.

“Netigate‘s fast and local support means a lot to us. I experience Netigate as exceptionally intuitive and easy to use for all stages of our feedback management process.”