IndustryKitchen appliances, hardware

About Jernia

Jernia has 151 stores throughout Norway and is one of the strongest brands in the Scandinavian retail sector. The company is the largest supplier of kitchen appliances, hardware, and DIY products in Norway.

The challenge

Jernia was looking for a faster and more effective way to get feedback from its customers. It was also important that management and individual store managers were able to access and address feedback quickly. With this in mind, the Netigate Net Promoter Score (NPS) solution was the perfect fit.

Getting feedback is important; responding to feedback is essential!

Jernia customers are invited to join the Loyalty Club by registering with their email addresses or mobile phone numbers. After signing up, they receive the NPS survey and have the opportunity to provide instant feedback.

“The Netigate NPS solution enables our managers to respond immediately to feedback through email notifications.”

Customer responses are sent directly through the Netigate NPS solution and the feedback can be tracked on dashboards, in real-time, at three levels:

  1. Jernia’s management monitors overall performance in order to identify important trends amongst clients.
  2. Each regional manager can compare the results of his or her region with that of others, and will also have access to a list of the top 10 branches in various regions.
  3. The third level is designed for individual store managers to make use of knowledge gained from their customers. Automatic notifications mean that they can respond immediately to feedback and initiate appropriate action.

“Netigate enables us to engage in dialogue with our customers.”

Why Netigate?

Jernia chose Netigate for a variety of reasons. Amongst other factors, it was especially important to have a ready-made NPS solution that was flexible enough to meet their varying needs. Smooth integration with existing systems was also paramount. The fact that every single store manager can track customer feedback live means that valuable insights are more accessible than ever before. This enables Jernia not only to track customer trends but also to respond quickly and effectively to individual feedback.

“Netigate offers us many ways, including QR codes and emails, to collect feedback. This gives us the opportunity to achieve a high return.”