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About KappAhl

KappAhl’s mission in business is to offer priceworthy fashion to everyone. The company has over 400 stores in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Poland as well as a strong ecommerce presence in these markets.

The Challenge

KappAhl Life & Style is the company’s customer club where customers receive newsletters, special offers and other benefits. This is an important channel for KappAhl to contact its most loyal customers. KappAhl creates a large number of survey campaigns annually but has until now lacked ways to effectively measure and monitor the results.

The members of the customer club provide a great opportunity to reach out to a broad spectrum of customers and gain insightful feedback; through monitoring campaigns, and also from testing how new promotions and ideas are received before they are launched.

KappAhl faced a number of challenges:

  • A lot of smaller campaigns made it difficult to handle customer feedback in a timely manner.
  • Knowledge about how members perceived the campaigns was missing as it had not previously been analyzed.
  • Testing how an offer would be perceived before it was launched had previously not been done in a structured way.
  • KappAhl was in need of a standardized way of working with reporting and follow-up; a tool that did not require so much manual work was requested.

The Solution

  • A user-friendly survey platform where KappAhl could easily create and send out an unlimited amount of surveys to a large number of respondents.
  • All campaign templates were gathered in one place so existing surveys can easily be reused.
  • A result and analysis dashboard that enabled KappAhl to act rapidly and effortlessly on the received feedback.
  • Optimized procedures to reach out to the members of the Customer Club in order to see how upcoming offers, advertisements, photos and colors etc. would be perceived.

The Results

Since the reports were self-generated in Netigate’s platform, KappAhl managed to save time being wasted unnecessarily and could instead focus on analyzing and following-up on the results.

Ability to act directly - Netigate's platform quickly gave insights from a large number of members before launching a new campaign - assuring them that they are on the right track and receiving vital input from loyal customers

Kappahl reduced the total amount of time they spent on surveys, reporting and campaign follow-ups by approx. 40% per year.