About OP5

op5 develops monitoring solutions that help IT officers keep track of their infrastructure and deliver services that contribute to a company’s profit. op5 monitors everything from small, yet business-critical applications to large IT environments with distributed hardware, applications and services. op5 has customers worldwide that prefer complete solutions of products, expertise and support that are both easy to get started with and scalable for future needs. op5 has its head office in Stockholm and sells its products and services via its offices in Germany and the USA and partners worldwide.

The Challenge

When op5 develops its product offering and its services, they are always based on what is most important from the point of view of the customer and what gives the customer the most benefit. It is therefore strategically important for op5 to conduct regular customer surveys. This gives the company the opportunity to take its customers’ temperature and establish how customers see the company, its products, its support and its other services. Customer surveys make it possible to see which components of these primary areas they consider to be important and which areas they are satisfied with.

The customer feedback op5 receives can then be converted into practical improvements to both products and services so that customers can actually see that they are contributing to improvements. It also allows op5 to focus on the right areas for development and improvement of support functions such as FAQ, manuals and guides. The company now prioritises its activities according to importance and what gives customers the most benefit.

“We and our customers may see things entirely differently. It is strategically important for us to see things from our customers’ point of view. Netigate saves us both time and resources, and gives us completely new insights into our customers.”

The Solution

op5 previously conducted customer surveys with different software but found that it lacked much of the functionality the company wanted. Consequently, they switched to Netigate’s platform in 2014 as it offers more advanced functionality and most importantly because it saves time on the analysis, presentation and comparison of results.

Andreas Månsson, Digital Marketing & Web Manager at op5, is responsible for customer surveys at op5:

“Netigate provides an excellent visual overview, in-depth analysis of specific questions and completely new opportunities to compare results from previous surveys with each other.”

The Results

It provides a clear overview of the results. op5 compares results over time and can clearly see whether improvement work is producing the desired effect.

Saves time – many different export options for results to various presentation formats and custom templates, for example in pptx, which saves both time and resources.

Background data visualises differences – op5 compares general results for the entire company with results for different regions, departments, units, right down to customer account managers.