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About PageGroup

PageGroup is one of the world‘s largest and most renowned recruitment consultancy groups. Its globally active clients are supported by offices on every continent. Worldwide, PageGroup is represented by almost 5,000 employees in 153 offices in 34 countries.

Flexible application areas and rapid realisation

PageGroup surveys stakeholders around the world with Netigate
PageGroup uses Netigate in the field of marketing for the surveying of candidates and clients. Furthermore, the tool is also put to use in the Training & Development and Human Resources departments. Within its Netigate account, the recruitment consultancy operates with a folder structure that facilitates the creation of individual folders for various departments, offices and divisions of responsibility, which contain corresponding survey projects. The various folders are managed independently of each other, which enables the optimum administration of the diverse surveys and access rights.

In addition to intuitive operation, it is also the possibility of rapidly implementing survey projects that speaks in favour of Netigate according to Malik Aibache:

“Surveys can be carried out quickly and within a manageable time frame. Netigate allows the storage of questionnaires, the speedy analysis of data and its convenient extraction space.”

Surveying clients and candidates about their satisfaction with PageGroup helps the group to understand the wishes of its clients and candidates and align the individual processes accordingly.

Execution of global studies

Originally used solely for national projects, Netigate has also proven to be the ideal tool for PageGroup‘s global studies. For example, 4,300 HR decision-makers around the world participated in the Global HR Barometer. Through the use of the Multi-Language-Module, all participants were able to respond to the questions in their own native language, with no requirement for separate questionnaires to be generated in the respective languages.

“The various language versions are very important to us. The use of the MultiLanguage-Module here makes work immensely easier.”

All responses are available within a single database in the evaluation area, and these can be included in the analysis.