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About Skansen

Skansen is the world’s largest open-air museum and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Sweden, receiving around 1.5 million visitors each year. The museum’s ongoing work on customer satisfaction surveys provides the foundation for being able to improve its operation and take action where it is needed the most. Visitors used to be canvassed and surveyed using paper surveys, and the subsequent manual response entry was very time-consuming, ineffectual and resulted in selective measures and a lack of continuity.

Solutions supplied by Netigate

Netigate’s platform for online surveys enabled Skansen to successfully transition to collecting responses via iPads and tablets. Today, Skansen employs daily visitor surveys and has substantially improved its factual knowledge, which is used as support for decision-making by various parts of the organisation.

  • Skansen now takes a systematic approach to following up on visitor experiences throughout the year and interviews more than 1,200 visitors using iPads annually.
  • The visitor surveys record, among other information, visitors’ backgrounds, expectations, level of satisfaction and likelihood to recommend the attraction, while also providing immediate feedback on the visit.
  • Netigate’s results and analysis module allows rapid cross-tabulation and filtering in order to identify the needs of various visitor groups and ways in which these needs can be met.
  • Skansen uses a number of the standard reports offered in Netigate, e.g. PowerPoint, Excel and raw data export.

The visitor surveys provide Skansen with excellent decision data

Petra Mård, Head of the Visitor Service Division at Skansen, appreciates not only the simplicity and user-friendliness of Netigate, but more importantly also the fact that decisions can now be made based on facts instead of subjective views:

“Netigate has helped us to achieve far greater continuity in our visitor surveys, and our decision data is completely different. This helps us to improve our service and know with certainty which areas we need to prioritise in our improvement work.”

The results since the introduction of Netigate have convinced Skansen to expand its use of Netigate, including for following up on booked guided tours. Petra is more than satisfied with Netigate as a tool:

“Netigate is simple, effective and versatile. In addition, its customer service function is excellent if you require support.”