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The Astrid Lindgren Company

Astrid Lindgren Company

About The Astrid Lindgren Company

The Astrid Lindgren Company manages all rights to Astrid Lindgren’s work. Her stories and characters come to life through books, theatre, toys, and much more. The limited company is owned by Astrid Lindgren’s children and grandchildren.

The survey

Netigate conducted market research on behalf of the company to investigate how Astrid and her characters are viewed internationally. We asked questions relating to how strong the different characters are in relation to other favorites, such as Harry Potter, Winnie the Pooh, and Paddington.

The result

Nearly 10,000 people from 16 different markets across Europe, the USA, England, China, and Russia were asked how well they know Astrid Lindgren’s characters. The result from the survey have been valuable in helping The Astrid Lindgren Company to market the different characters to existing and potential business partners. They use the results as a base from which to build marketing strategies and make informed decisions.

“We are going to redo this research in one or two years. How the numbers change next time we conduct the survey will be a good measure of how well we have done our job.” Olle Nyman, CEO

Netigate’s market insight solution

  • Use market and consumer insights for better investment decisions
  • Results within 2 weeks instead of the 4-6 weeks market standard
  • Create informative and visually clear reports
  • Better quality data through detailed information on respondents
  • Increase respondents engagement through interactive market research
  • Gain insight into attitudes and uses for a variety of product and service categories
  • Evaluate brand awareness in the market

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