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About Topshop

Topshop is an international chain and its business concept is to supply the latest fashions at reasonable prices. In Sweden, Topshop is run by Trenor AB, a fashion company that specialises in running brand stores as a franchisee. Trenor also runs Topman in Sweden, which sells trend-setting fashion aimed at young men.

Responds to target group preferences

When Topshop wanted to conduct a market survey to find out the opinions of its target group, the company turned to Netigate for help. The survey was conducted using panellists from Cint and was sent out to women between the ages of 18 and 35 years in Stockholm and Gothenburg. The survey asked, among other questions, which newspapers the target group preferred. The results enabled Topshop to see which newspapers the target group read the most and consequently to focus advertising on these publications and so exclude any
irrelevant ones.

“By determining the preferences of our target group in terms of newspapers, we now know more clearly which ones it is worth advertising in, which makes our marketing more effective.”

Positive feedback as proof of a good job

The survey responses also provided Topshop with a lot of positive feedback. There were high marks for staff offering a friendly greeting, for instance, which could then be used to give employees a boost and more concrete positive feedback that they are doing a good job.

“The results are proof that we are doing things right and just having that confirmed is a huge advantage. That was perhaps the most important lesson we took from the results.”

Flexible tool

Netigate is perceived as a very flexible tool, meaning you have a free hand in terms of the material you produce.

“The ability to view the results in a PowerPoint presentation made reporting them a very straightforward process.”