Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Why every company should use an Employee Satisfaction Survey

Satisfied employees are more motivated and engaged in the company. An employee satisfaction survey will deliver clear and actionable feedback on how your company needs to improve and where you are doing well.

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Create the best workplace possible


Employee satisfaction surveys often aim to cover as much as possible of the employees’ daily life in the company, such as psychological and physical work environment, communication with managers and relationships with colleagues. But your survey can also be more targeted to focus on the most important areas for your organization. Working with employee satisfaction surveys can look very different from company to company, but they all share the same goal: making their workplace the best option for their employees.

Benchmark your company as a workplace


We have developed a employee survey, with questions put together in close cooperation with leading HR-specialists, that enables you to compare your company’s results with others. Netigate’s Employee Survey is a complete employee survey that covers all needed areas, and you can add or delete questions. When you participate, you will not only get your company’s results, but also the aggregated results from all participating companies as a benchmark report.

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Why conduct an employee satisfaction survey?

+ Increase cusomter loyalty
+ Create Employee Engagement Surveys
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