Nordea Netigate training day

Astrid Van den Brink Erlandsson
Astrid Van den Brink Erlandsson Head of Professional Services
Erik Terzi
Erik Terzi Technical Project Manager
Edvard Oddfors
Edvard Oddfors Technical Project Manager

Welcome to Nordea’s Netigate day! The purpose of this day is to educate you in the Netigate platform. Sign up for the event using the form to the right. Please check the box for the sessions you are planning to attend. Sign up for the event using the form to the right.

**Please note that the time zone is in Central European Summer Time.

Session 1 – Get the most out of the Netigate platform

Session 1 starts at 12:00 – 14:00 (CEST).

Block 1: Create and report in the new Netigate user interface

We will run-through the new user interface, functions, and features in Netigate in the Create and Distribute part of the Netigate platform. Moreover, we will spend the main part of the session in the report, introduce new report functionalities, drop-off analysis, share modal etc.

Break 15-20 minutes.

Session 2 – Surveyology

Session 2 starts at 14.30 – 15.30 (CEST).

Tips and tricks for how you can work with surveys in simpler but more effective ways. This session will be hosted by Astrid Van den Brink Erlandsson, Head of Professional Services at Netigate.


  • Questionnaire design – content, structure, questions
  • Distribution methods, respondent information, sample, response rate
  • Customer surveys

About the speakers

Astrid Brink Netigate


Astrid Van den Brink Erlandsson, Head of Professional Services, Netigate

Astrid is Head of Professional Services here at Netigate and has extensive experience working with data and analysis.




Erik Terzi, Technical Project Manager, Netigate

Erik is a Technical Project Manager here at Netigate and is responsible for online training sessions. He also works with general integration and technical solutions.




Edvard Oddfors, Technical Project Manager, Netigate

Edvard is the main Technical Project Manager for Nordea’s NCFL program and all Nordea accounts. He also works on integration projects where complex solutions are required.

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