Swedbank Netigate training days

Erik Terzi
Erik Terzi Customer Success Manager

Welcome to Netigate’s Swedbank days! The purpose of these days is to educate you in the Netigate platform. Sign up for the session you would like to attend using the form to the right, you will receive an email confirmation with the link for the webinar-room. The sessions will be hosted by Erik Terzi, Customer Success Manager.

Introduction to the Netigate platform and Feedback Management

February 15th:13:30-16.00 CET

In this session we will guide you through creating effective and powerful surveys with Netigate. Sharing his best tips for creating a successful feedback project, Erik will walk you through designing your surveys and distributing them via various channels.

The Netigate Report environment

March 15th: 13:30-15:00 CET

This training session would be a perfect opportunity for those of you wanting to get the most out of the new Netigate platform. Learn how to analyse your feedback results, export and share reports from the platform. During the session we will also take a deep dive into the recently launched report features and of course learn how to work with filters and comparisons in the report environment.

About the speaker:

Erik Terzi, Customer Success Manager, Netigate
Erik is responsible for the platform training sessions at Netigate. In his role he is also working strategically with projects and set-ups connected to technical aspects such as API-triggered surveys and advanced logic.

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