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Recorded Webinars

The future of employee engagement: the latest employee insights and a first look at Netigate EX

June 14, 2023, 12:00 - 13:00
Silje Leira
Silje Leira Chief Services Officer
Philip Lindviken
Philip Lindviken Senior Product Designer
Jagannath Tammeleht
Jagannath Tammeleht Chief People Officer

In this video you will get the key insights from our latest employee engagement study and get an exclusive look at our new engagement platform, Netigate EX.

We’ll kick off this exciting session by sharing the most important headlines from our yearly employee engagement report. You will get a quick overview of the most significant challenges employees face in Sweden, Norway, and Germany, and understand what factors drive employee engagement at the workplace.

Then we will give you an exclusive look into the platform we’ve been working on behind the scenes to help organisations build cultures with people at the heart. You will have the chance to see a live demo of our brand-new employee engagement platform, Netigate EX, and try the platform yourself—for free.

You will leave this session with a new understanding of your employees’ current pain points and a solution to help embed the culture of employee engagement at your organisation.


  • The evolution of employee engagement
  • Key insights from the 2023 employee engagement report
  • The Netigate EX story
  • Live product demo
  • Q&A and feedback collection

About the speakers

Silje Leira, Chief Services Officer, Netigate
Silje has over 20 years of experience in various leadership roles in the tech and consulting industry. She has built a number of Customer Success, Customer Experience and Services organisations, and has extensive experience in motivating and leading high-performing teams in several different industries.

Philip Lindviken, Senior Product Designer, Netigate
Philip spent the last 15 years of his career working with web, product, and UX design. He enjoys turning complex concepts into easy-to-use products through excellent design and user experience, always focusing on surfacing users’ problems and finding ways to meet their needs. Philip often uses the design process to bring stakeholders together and align on shared goals.

Jagannath Tammeleht, Chief People Officer, Netigate
Jagannath “Jagge” has been developing SaaS companies for almost 15 years and is passionate about the people and culture of companies on exciting growth trajectories. In his work, Jagge uses an agile approach where he focuses on finding, hiring, on-boarding, and further developing talent to create a culture that thrives on creativity.