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Now you can collect valuable feedback anywhere and anytime, even when you’re offline. Never miss out on gathering the feedback you need!

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Netigate Offline Survey Application

Our Netigate Everywhere app, available for iOS and Android, allows you to use the Netigate survey platform on your mobile device or tablet without an Internet connection. Your responses and data are then automatically synced to the platform the next time you are online.

Collect responses offline

Free yourself from the restrictions of Wi-Fi and mobile coverage! Use your device to collect responses while offline, with all data being safely stored on the app until the device is reconnected.

Automatically syncing

The answers you have gathered are automatically uploaded to your Netigate account the next time you have an Internet connection.

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Event Survey

Collect feedback at trade fairs, conferences or festivals both in real-time and post-event, without ever having to worry about your connection failing you.

Consumer Survey

Netigate Everywhere is the perfect solution for engaging with customers at the point of contact. Use it for post-sale surveys, mystery shopping projects or interviewing people at any location, all you need is a tablet or smartphone.

Kiosk Survey

Create a Professional Kiosk experience quickly and easily. Set up your hardware with Netigate Everywhere and collect attendee data, feedback, interests and intent. Get participants engaged by adding quiz questions and even offering incentives!

Field Survey

Go mobile with house-to-house surveys or pop-up collection points. Gather everything you need then upload, analyse and integrate back at base.

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