Netigate Everywhere – collect feedback everywhere you go

August 22, 2017

Now you can collect valuable feedback anywhere and anytime, even when you’re offline. Never miss out on gathering the feedback you need! Netigate Everywhere is an integrated part of your ordinary Netigate account that makes your online surveys, offline-compatible. Therefore you can collect feedback everywhere you go. Download the Netigate Everywhere app, available for iOS and Android, on your mobile device or tablet and log in to your Netigate account. Once the device is online, all surveys will be available for download to your device. All data collected can be easily synchronized to your online account whenever you want.

How to use the Offline App:

1. Available for download in the App store and Google Play for Android.

2. Open the application and click on “Add a Survey”.

3. Log in with your Netigate username and password.

4. If you have access to more than one account, choose the one you want to work from.

5. Select the survey(s) you want to make offline-compatible and click on “Add to library”.

6. Click on “Library” to continue to the next step. Or click on “Stay” to select more surveys

7. After clicking on “Library” you will see the offline surveys available for use.

8. Click on the survey you want to use. It can now start collecting answers for you.

9. When a survey is completed, the answers are saved to the device, and the survey is reloaded and ready for a new respondent.

10. When online again, the answers can be uploaded to your Netigate account. Select your survey and click “Upload”.


  • Lock: The application is locked into one survey. A passcode must to be entered to browse and access other surveys. This setting is best when placing your device in a stand or leaving it unsupervised.

  • Timeout: Prompts a popup asking to restart or continue answering the survey, after being inactive for X seconds.

  • Force Restart: If timeout is enabled, you’ve got the option to force a restart of the survey after the Timeout Popup is shown.

Specification about functionalities that are not supported in the offline app – Netigate Everywhere –compared to the online solution:

  • Images: no image files are supported in the offline version. Images files require an internet connection.
  • Videos
  • Min/Max for Multiple answers question type
  • Branching (skip/jump logic to a page or question)
  • Randomize functionalities
  • Open text on last option – e.g. Where do you live? [Option 1], [Option 2], [Option 3], Other (specify): ……..
  • Ranking matrix
  • Sum functionality
  • Optional functionalities for question types are not supported, except Required Answer
  • Text settings for text boxes, e.g. numerical, date, email. Only optional setting for text box that can be used offline is “required answer”
  • Intro page and end page not supported. Can be solved by adding info text at the start and end of survey

Note – no information is given to the user if an invalid survey (reason mentioned above) is downloaded

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