"It is important for us to enable customers to tell us about their experience with their accommodation, their premises and our service. The best thing about Netigate is that we can easily create tailored surveys that are important to our company and our customers when we need to. One of the great advantages is that the surveys are easy for the tenants to answer, and we can capture their wishes and opinions in real time."
Employee experience
Improving engagement, driving professional development, and measuring the success of business initiatives.
Customer experience
Get feedback from your customers on everything you do. From projects to service and sales.
Market research
Get to know your current market or explore new markets with product or panel research.

Employee experience

Real Estate Employees

Employee engagement

Employee engagement is good for people and good for business.

  • Happy employees lead to happy customers.
  • Measure satisfaction with the Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS).
  • Use onboarding interviews to understand how to give your employees a great start.
  • real estate

    Promote professional development across your organisation.

  • Develop your workforce to promote and retain talented employees.
  • Equip leaders with the tools they need to improve their teams' experience.
  • 360° feedback gives managers a multi-faceted view of their performance.
  • Board evaluations help you to measure the impact of high-level decisions.
  • Benchmark and tracking
    Benchmark and track
    Benchmark and tracking
    Set benchmarks to measure yourself against and track how engagement changes over time.
    Easy reporting
    Netigate_Reporting_Word cloud
    Easy reporting
    Add filters and create report versions for different stakeholders with just a few clicks.
    A global
    Netigate multi-language survey options
    A global
    Multilingual support makes Netigate the perfect choice for international brands.
    Surveys on demand
    employee pulse survey
    Surveys on demand
    It's easy to collect feedback from the entire organisation - or individual teams - when needed.


    Find out how Netigate can support you

    Customer experience

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    Customer satisfaction

    Your brand is made up of the experiences people have with your business.

    Give your customers a voice to understand what you and your agents are doing well and where there's room for improvement.
  • Create trust by asking for feedback and acting on it.
  • Create first-class experiences using customer surveys and real-time feedback.
  • Trigger automatic surveys to help your customer-facing agents improve their performance.
  • Increase customer loyalty, prevent churn with regular feedback.
  • Real Estate customers

    Measure customer satisfaction and get feedback on your performance and service.

  • Measure and compare KPIs like Net Promoter Score over time.
  • Accelerate digital transformation based on user feedback.
  • Break down your feedback by specific groups and segments.
  • One-stop shop for feedback
    Create a survey with Netigate
    One-stop shop for feedback
    Create, send, and analyse your surveys using our cloud-based platform. Or let our in-house experts guide the way.
    Measure and track satisfaction
    eNPS and NPS with Netigate_Platform screenshot
    Measure and track satisfaction
    Improve your customer loyalty with annual satisfaction surveys of regular Net Promoter Score (NPS) monitoring.
    Wherever and whenever
    Survey form
    Wherever and whenever
    It's easy to reach your customers on their terms with Netigate. Choose from 7 different survey distribution methods.
    Seamless integration
    Seamless integration
    With Netigate API, you can easily connect our platform with your existing CRM and other software.

    No strings attached

    Get started now with your 30-day free trial.

    Market research

    Market research with Netigate
    Market research with Netigate

    The right products & packages for every customer

    Get a deep understanding of your target audience with market segmentation feedback software.
    real estate market research

    Use market research as a basis for strategic company decisions.

  • Set yourself apart from your competition and monitor your brand performance.
  • Keep an eye on market trends to stay ahead of your competition.
  • Drive brand experiences and purchasing decisions.
  • Make data-based decisions and see which features inspire your customers.
  • Website feedback
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    Website feedback
    Get direct feedback from your website visitors with Netigate website forms, widgets, and surveys.
    Opinion polls
    opinion poll automative industry
    Opinion polls
    External factors affect your business every day. Opinion polls help you better understand future events.
    Product research
    Product research with Netigate
    Product research
    Understand the needs of your target market and receive feedback on new products or the development of existing products.
    Panel research
    Market research with panels with Netigate
    Panel research
    Gathering insights made easy. Various panels give you access to over 7 million panel respondents in 50 countries.

    Your investment

    Based entirely on the needs of your company, we can build a plan that fits you perfectly.

    Get ahead with Netigate

    Safe & GDPR compliant
    Your data is safe with us. Your personal data and IT security are our top priority. Of course we follow the GDPR regulations and our servers are located within the EU.
    Unlimited expert support
    We have a world-class global solution with local support and advice. We have in-house experts to guide you and ensure you make great data-driven decisions.
    Flexible mobile design
    Netigate enables everyone in your organisation to be a researcher. We offer a simple user interface that you can use from any device. We make it easy to collect data and act on insights.
    Easy integration
    Netigate has APIs that allow you to create custom data integrations that can adapt to your workflows. Save time by automating your feedback flows.
    Reliable data collection
    Did you know that Netigate conducted one of the largest surveys in the world with over 6.5 million respondents? This requires stability, knowledge, and capacity. We offer you robust software that you can rely on.
    Powerful analytics
    We provide robust analytics and actionable insights. We help you make data-driven decisions and act on the insights. There's a lot of data out there, we'll help you put the data to good use.