Salesforce + Netigate Insight Integration


Netigate: Fully integrated with Salesforce


Trigger, send and analyze surveys directly in Salesforce with Netigate

  • Trigger surveys automatically based on Salesforce rules and customer interaction
  • Easy to send beautiful surveys to leads and contacts from within Salesforce
  • Report on survey data in Salesforce by mapping responses back to contact fields

Setup Email triggers to send Surveys

Surveys are sent out automatically when a pre-determined workflow rule has been met in Salesforce.

Customer Relations Surveys

Trigger and send surveys to a list of leads, prospects or customers from within Salesforce.The Netigate-Salesforce integration makes it easy to gather insights at every stage of the customer journey.Relevant and timely surveys can help your company qualify more leads, help sales reps close more deals,
help service reps improve customer satisfaction, and help client success teams decrease churn.

surveys-salesforce Salesforce-NPS

Collect, analyze, and display data the way you want to

See customer feedback alongside your Salesforce data. Identify where your strategy is and change initiatives.
View survey results next to customer data while in Salesforce.


Post to Chatter

Communicate the voice of your customer by posting survey responses, such as NPS scores and feedback, directly to Chatter.


Other integrations?

You can also integrate Netigate Insight Platform with +50 more applications. Contact us today to find out more!