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Feedback solutions

How are your remote teams coping?
Find out how your employees are handling working from home and what they need from you during the Covid crisis.
Maintain close relationships and collaboration
Stay on top of what key stakeholders needs with 360-degree feedback from employees, managers, customers, board and suppliers.
Collaboration regardless of distance
Keep in touch with your employees and maintain a continuous dialogue with pulse surveys.

Helping you to stay in control and be proactive

Netigate can help you to keep track of what your employees and key stakeholders need from you during this time.
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The future of work

Report: Is flexible work the new normal?
We asked 1,500 Swedes about working from home during the corona crisis.
Leading a remote team: 4 steps to high morale
Inspiration for keeping employee morale high while we continue to work from home.
Report: How will we handle working from home in the future?
How do Swedish employees want home working to be handled beyond the pandemic?
6 tips for working from home productively
We share our top tips for successfully transitioning from the office to the home office.

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Leadership insights

Anne Glover on CEO leadership during the corona crisis
Read a CEO's perspective of navigating the corona crisis.
Gustaf Ekelund on preparing for the future
Our co-founder's thoughts on how companies should begin to prepare themselves for the future.
David Wheldon on leadership and marketing during a time of crisis
Read a CMO's insights into leading and marketing effectively during a time of crisis.
Berta Maso on HR leadership during the corona crisis
An article that will resonate with HR professionals working through the pandemic.

Helping you build stronger relationships with
customers and employees

We take your security seriously, with full GDPR compliance and servers based in the EU.
Our in-house team of insight consultants offers continuous support and expertise.
Powerful but intuitive, with insights and reports available at the click of a button.
Netigate API and custom-developed add-ons make integration easy.