Linus Jonsson Head of IT
Victor Cedervall Head of Business Analytics
Erik Nordqvist Chief Financial Officer
Elle Öberg Technical Project Manager
Daria Cohen Product Manager
Henric Andersson Technical Project Manager
Nadim Carlman Sales Executive
Dijamant Jasaraj Sales Development Representative
Linnéa Kring Sales Executive
Amanda Hedlund Insight Consultant
Calle Winberg Account Manager
Gustav Örnfjäder Customer Support Representative
Carl Truving Account Manager
Anna Tjernström Head of Inisght Conultant SE
Daniel Hjert Head of Account Management Nordic
Alexandra Drottler Head of Customer Success
Mikkel Drucker Chief Executive Officer
Nathalie Taub Marketing Manager Nordics
Irina Bohman Digital Acquisition Manager
Helena Björkman Employer Branding Manager
Hanna Gustafsson Head of Product Marketing
Natasha Ellis-Knight Marketing Manager INT
Linda Lokén Account Manager
Erik Terzi Customer Success Manager
Biljana Dahl Sr Insight Consultant
David Masrour Product Owner
Simon Stenlund Business Analysis
Jagannath Tammeleht Chief People & Culture Officer
Katja Höglund Technical Project Manager
Alfie Ferris Account Manager
Astrid Brink Chief Service Officer
Jessica Riihimäki Insight Conultant
Johanna Synstad Sales Development Representative
Edvard Oddfors Technical Project Manager

Frankfurt am Main

Julia Heinrichs Account Manager
Klaus Grillmaier Sales Operations Manager
Adelita Artero Head of Expansion
Houtan Bahram-Pour Key Account Manager
Caroline Pecoraro Marketing Manager DACH
Nick Janda Technical Project Manager
Sam Bryant Account Development Manager
Valeria Leljak Account Development Manager
Ronja Schulz Account Manager
Markus Menning Research & insight consultant
Davide Lazzara Account Manager
Laura Rudolph Head of Operations
Niklas Popp Account Manager
Iris Heck Head of Sales DACH
Henriette Köllner HR Representative
Rainer Schätzlein Manageing Director Professional Services Germany
Marcel Trottier Growth Marketer
Jennifer Eisenhauer Sr Reasearch & insight consultant
Yvonne Wolf Research & insight consultant
Martin Endres Product Owner
Maria Laugerud Office Manager


Tonje Gaustadnes Insight Consultant
Petter Bjerke Head of Insight Consultant Norway
Håkon Tveito Sr Account Manager
Oliver Vaage Chief Revenue Officer
Marit Methi Insight Consultant
Anna Lindborg Account Manager
Rebecca Aversano Customer Success Manager
Jeanette Fossum Sales Executive
Aksel Sinding Sales Executive