10 Things to Consider When Deciding on a Survey Tool

Which survey solution is best for your company? Online surveys are well…


November 13, 2018




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Which survey solution is best for your company?

Online surveys are well established as a highly successful and flexible form of data collection.

Customer and employee surveys via email, online links or QR codes are increasing in the level of importance with the growing prolife-ration of online media and are now part of the everyday business activities of many companies and organisations.

Numerous software solutions for surveying have become available that differ significantly in their use, their analysis capabilities, their functionality and their price. It is therefore important for users to be aware of their own needs before making a purchasing decision and to know exactly where and how they want to use the software and what the results should offer.

This whitepaper helps you to better identify your needs and to make an informed choice about which survey tool best meets them.

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