With the survey Dashboards you are able to visualize and share key information, whenever you want it and quicker than ever.

The dashboard is developed to help managers, such as marketing and HR-managers, to visualize survey results in real time for board members, the management team and other non-tech users. The dashboard connects the survey results to other business intelligence functions in a completely new way.


Easier to share your survey insights

The survey Dashboard gives you the great advantage of visualizing critical business indicators in real time internally as well as externally. It makes it easy for managers to share important survey insights which are clearly presented in different graphs, for the management team or other stakeholders. The graphs are updated in real time as new answers come in. This gives continuously updated information. The Dashboard is very easy to access and gives your company a cost effective help for successful decision making.

Survey Dashboards with flexible interface and content

The dashboard is constructed to be flexible to fit your company’s needs, both in terms of interface and content. You can for example:

Filter key data for different users with different authorization and interests.
Visualize key data from several different surveys in the same chart.
Present key data in real time with a graph on a web page.

The survey Dashboard is designed to make your survey results more interactive and accessible. It helps you to gain more insight and makes your decision making easier.

Control over the results

A good example is the marketing manager who works with Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) to gain ongoing updates about customers opinions and needs. The dashboard visualizes continuously updating key data from surveys and this gives the company total control of the results.

With the dashboard, the marketing manager will have access to real time graphs that can be distributed to the CEO or other stakeholders in a simple way. The stakeholder only needs a link to the dashboard which update automatically whenever new results arrives. This gives the company the advantage to immediately see indications of changes in CSI and based on this indications, quickly take action on potential critical aspects.
The dashboard will simplify your sharing of important information and gives you a powerful tool in decision making.