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Rely on our trusted experts

Maximise the value of your customer and employee experience programmes

Every organisation is different—a one-size-fits-all approach rarely works. Let our team of expert consultants craft a custom plan to deliver on your experience management goals.

Join the ranks of organisations that work with Netigate to craft excellent experiences.

Trusted experts across the full experience

Provide strategic advisory

Analyse your experience maturity against industry best-practices and build a roll-out plan.

Implement your experience programmes

Identify key feedback touchpoints across the whole journey and tailor your approach for maximum value.

Integrate with your existing processes

Integrate Netigate into your ecosystem to share insights across the organisation and trigger workflows.

Translate insights into action

Work with our experts to surface unique insights, empower action, and understand ROI.

Support survey projects

Drive your important survey projects in whole or in part.

Conduct market & panel research projects

Get advice and execute on market research studies and panel feedback.

Customer experience

Translate customer experiences into actionable insights

Get a strategic partner to drive best-practices in designing and implementing your Voice of the Customer program. Maximise organisational growth and retention by delighting your customers.


your holistic CX maturity against industry benchmarks and outline steps for continuous improvement


the whole customer journey and identify key feedback touchpoints

Gain insights

on what aspects of the journey are the largest obstacles, and understand next steps to meet KPIs

Highlight and distribute

important insights to the rest of your organisation to create customer centricity and drive action


with existing organisational processes to close the loop with customers quickly

Follow up

at regular intervals to help drive new insights and actions to deliver better customer experiences

Employee experience

Elevate your employee experience with a helping hand

Use our experts’ guidance to deliver the best possible experience for your employees. Transform your employee journey to unlock new heights of productivity and creativity.


your holistic EX maturity against industry benchmarks and outline steps for continuous improvement


the whole employee journey and identify key feedback touchpoints

Dig deeper

into key touchpoints such as onboarding and offboarding


your team dynamics with 360 leadership reviews


on personalised leadership coaching & workshops to drive change based on feedback

Stay compliant

and reduce risk with anonymous, third party whistleblowing function

Survey & market research

Execute surveys with an impact

Get direct support across the whole survey process or just specific parts. Tailor surveys to your individual needs with hands-on experts.

Project development
Plan feedback from start to finish, taking into account specific needs and goals.

Survey creation
Let our consultants build effective, smart surveys that are designed to get you the most useful data possible.

We can get your surveys up and running, and also manage send-outs. Sit back, relax, and wait for the insights to roll in.

Our consultants are obsessed with research science and data analysis. We love helping you to make sense of your data.

Action planning
We’ll advise you on the most effective actions for a positive impact.

Presenting results
Let our experts take care of the presentation of your results, either on site or online.

Workshop follow-up
We can conduct and moderate workshops that help you to find the best measures for improvement.

Bring feedback to the forefront with technical solutions

Embed your feedback processes throughout your technical architecture to bring insights to the right stakeholders. 
Elevate your reporting by getting updated analytics.

BI analytics: Get a broader view of your data in new contexts and reconcile it with other data sources.

Survey triggers: Trigger surveys based on touchpoints from other systems and software to always get feedback where you need it.

Deliver insights where needed: Power your ticketing & CRM systems with the latest data to bring feedback to the stakeholders that can act.