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CompanyEllevio operates as a distribution system for electricity, delivering power to customers without engaging in power generation.
HeadquartersStockholm, Sweden
IndustrySewage, Waste, Electricity & Water

About Ellevio

Ellevio operates as a distribution system for electricity, delivering power to customers without engaging in power generation. As a utilities company, Ellevio’s primary responsibility lies in efficiently distributing electricity and maintaining customer connections. However, Ellevio recognised the importance of customer satisfaction in securing growth and future investments.

This case study explores the role of the customer experience team at Ellevio, their focus on customer satisfaction, and their use of Netigate as a tool to analyse and understand customer feedback.

How Ellevio is using Netigate

Ellevio has been utilising Netigate surveys for a considerable amount of time to gather information and collect customer feedback. These surveys have enabled their CX transformation progress and helped them to get a general understanding of customer opinions.

However, recognising the importance of qualitative data in truly understanding the customerā€™s frame of mind, Ellevio has identified the need for Text Analysis.

Text Analysis will allow them to extract valuable information from the free-text responses provided by their customers. With Text Analysis they can now uncover customer sentiments towards their offering and service, identify emerging trends, and discover specific areas where improvement is required.

The value of text analysis for Ellevio lies in its ability to provide a more comprehensive understanding of customer opinions and experiences across different market segments.

By using Text Analysis to analyse the unstructured data contained in free text responses, Ellevio can gain insights that would be difficult to obtain solely from structured survey questions that only result in quantitative data. This deeper understanding allows them to tailor their strategies and initiatives to address specific customer needs and pain points.

Measuring success

Ellevio’s top-line goal is to improve its Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI), a KPI that reflects the holistic customer satisfaction a customer has with an organisation.

Since Ellevio operates as a holding and customers have no alternative options, their satisfaction is crucial for the energy transition and the company’s existence and future growth. Satisfied customers Ā is engaged users and have an important public voice that enables Ellevio to expand- or operate at all.

A positive CSI also contributes to a better working environment for employees.

With Netigate, Ellevio has been able to identify weaknesses in CSI at scale, and learn how customer communication and engagement was impacting the overall customer experience. They tackled this challenge head on and were able to see huge increases in their CSI.

Enhancing CX with Text Analysis

Alongside this, Ellevio sees even more opportunities to take their customer experience to the next level with Text Analysis. This is because the software offers Ellevio the opportunity to analyse customer sentiment, track the transformation progress, and gauge customer perceptions accurately.

For example, Text Analysis has allowed Ellevio to observe a shift from words like ā€œmonopolyā€ and ā€œhigh pricesā€, which associated with negative sentiment, to comments such asĀ  feeling ā€œsafeā€, being ā€œwell-informedā€, and experiencing ā€œcustomer-friendlyā€ interactions, which demonstrate more positive sentiment.

Ellevio aims to leverage open text answers to gain a comprehensive understanding of customer journeys and effectively measure their transformation efforts.

Acting on customer feedback

Ellevio has developed communication strategies tailored to each customer segment. They focus on educating customers about the differences between network distribution and electricity prices, clarifying misconceptions, and addressing customer concerns.

By analysing customer feedback, Ellevio can identify areas where customers lack understanding and develop targeted messages to bridge these knowledge gaps.

Bringing customer centricity in the organisation

Ellevio uses Netigate to measure their Customer Satisfaction Index and better understand customer needs. As a longtime CX customer, Ellevio is able to fully utilise the Netigate solution to bring customer centricity in the organisation.

They conduct many small surveys that measure the customer journey, and also do a monthly survey eliciting feedback on several different areas. This is followed up with a strategy study twice a year, which dives deeper into understanding drivers for satisfaction. This then informs their longer term strategy for increasing the customer experience.

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