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Netigate EX Engage: Unlock happier, high-performing teams

  • Pulse surveys: Get real-time employee insights
  • Actionable data: Pinpoint and fix engagement issues
  • AI-powered recommendations: Drive impactful change
  • Build a people-centric culture: Boost retention and performance

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Measure, track and understand where to allocate your resources


Netigate EX Engage is designed to help organisations build a culture with employees at the center. Our solution enables real-time data of employee well-being, identifies areas of improvement, and provides recommendations to improve engagement – taking team specific data into account. These actions not only assist team leaders and the organisation in understanding what to do but also how to do it to achieve the maximum impact.

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Smart Actions

Close the feedback loop with smart actions. With our smart actions, team managers get tailored actions on how to improve the engagement score. The actions will not just help the team managers know what to do, but also how to approach the team to get the most impact out of the completed action.


Reach everyone, anywhere and bridge the communication gap. Communicate seamlessly with your employees. Our SMS solution bridges the communication gap by ensuring you can reach employees who don’t rely on email.

Pulse surveys

Netigate Engage uses frequent, short surveys called “pulse surveys” to gather real-time employee feedback on crucial areas like work environment, team dynamics, and growth opportunities. It provides a quick “pulse check” on employee sentiment, helping organisations identify issues and make informed decisions to boost engagement.

Heat map

The Netigate Engage heat map provides a visual snapshot of employee engagement across your organisation. It color-codes teams or departments based on their engagement scores, highlighting areas of strength and potential concern. This allows you to quickly pinpoint where to focus your efforts for maximum impact and track progress over time.


Netigate Engage’s SSO (Single Sign-On) feature simplifies user access by allowing employees to log in with their existing company credentials. This reduces the hassle of managing multiple passwords, improves security, and creates a seamless user experience.


Netigate Engage’s eNPS feature measures employee loyalty and engagement. This standardized metric (eNPS) helps you track employee sentiment over time, benchmark against competitors, and identify areas where you can improve the overall employee experience.

The 8 drivers of employee engagement

What makes employees feel engaged at work? And what can you do to boost engagement? We’ve done the research and are sharing our answers in this ebook.

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A trustworthy solution

A safe platform for sensitive data


Employee data is a sensitive asset. That's why Netigate EX complies with all European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules and guarantees anonymity and privacy.

information security

Our company is certified according to ISO 27001, which stands for the highest standards in information security. This means: Your data is SAFE with us.

EU servers

Our servers are located in Europe - in times of unclear data agreements, e.g. with the USA, this is an important decision factor, especially for European companies.

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We will show you all features in a 30 min call.

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