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Understand and serve your customers better with Netigate's NPS® software

Measure, track, and improve customer loyalty and retention with Netigate's Net Promoter Score software.

  • Increase customer loyalty by tracking satisfaction levels.
  • Identify unhappy customers & quickly improve their experience.
  • Predict potential growth, revenue & business health with NPS.
  • Apply filters to customer data to understand factors impacting NPS.
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GDPR compliant and ISO 27,001 certified, Netigate delivers improved experiences in more than 1,500 organisations worldwide.

Net Promoter Score software for experiences tailored to your customers' needs

Launch an NPS survey in minutes
Launch an NPS survey in minutes
Netigate provides ready-to-use surveys that measure your customers' Net Promoter Score and allow you to engage with them directly via email, SMS, website, or other channels.
Monitor your NPS score in real time
Monitor your NPS score in real time
Predict your customers' next moves by tracking and analysing their loyalty with Net Promoter Score surveys. Use the insights you receive to evaluate and adjust your offering.
Better customer retention
Better customer retention
Use your NPS program to predict churn, prevent negative reviews, and as a hands-on business tool to respond directly to customer needs and improve their experience.
Cross-organisational NPS
Cross-organisational NPS
The customer journey is made up of many different touch points. Strategically use NPS to align processes and generate high loyalty where it matters.
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Everything you need to work with NPS surveys

Our Net Promoter Score software has everything you need to build your customer Net Promoter Score surveys from start to finish. You can create surveys from scratch with our intuitive drag-and-drop interface, or choose a ready-to-send template and start collecting results right away.
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Uncover what makes a difference to customer loyalty and satisfaction

Netigate's reporting function allows you to add breakdowns and filters that can help you to understand your NPS score. By including customer background data like country or age for example, you can identify correlations between NPS scores and other factors. This will help you put your score into context. And to top all of this off, live dashboards mean you can do all of this in real time.

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NPS software with Text Analysis


NPS software with Text Anaysis

The charm of the NPS lies in its simplicity, though it gains additional value when used as part of larger customer surveys. This way, you can get a quick overview of how your customers feel while asking additional questions to understand your score in context. With Netigate's NPS software accompanied by Text analysis, you can uncover the 'why' behind your result.


Instantly compare and track your Net Promoter Score

Quick Analysis is your partner in swiftly identifying key insights in your customer data. An excellent solution for large companies and those with multiple branches, it allows you to compare NPS scores and track them over time in the click of a button.

Why you should choose Netigate's NPS software

Secure & GDPR-compliant
Data security is our top priority. Your sensitive customer data is safe with us. We are ISO 27,001 certified and GDPR compliant with servers in the EU, meaning you can safely gather your NPS online.
Expert support
We offer a global solution with local support and consultancy. Our in-house experts will guide you in asking the right questions and making data-driven decisions with the NPS metric.
All in one place
Powerful but intuitive, the Netigate platform makes it easy to create, distribute and analyse NPS surveys. Start from scratch or use our expertly-crafted templates, and start improving your employees' experience.
Integration friendly
With Netigate API, you can build custom data integrations that will adapt to your existing workflows. This allows you to save time and work smarter by automating Net Promoter Score surveys.
Reliable data collection
Did you know Netigate did one of the largest surveys in the world with over 6.5 million respondents? That requires stability, knowledge and capacity. We offer you a robust software that you can rely on even for advanced customer feedback projects.
Powerful analytics
Our Net Promoter Score software allows you to gain thorough analysis and actionable insights. We help you to make data-driven decisions with confidence. There's loads of data out there, and we help you to make sense of it.

Tips and inspiration for working with NPS software

CSAT, NPS, and CES: Your guide to choosing a CX metric
In this eBook, we guide you through three of the core customer experience metrics, helping you to understand what they do and how you can use them.

How to stop NPS detractors in their tracks
By anticipating negative feedback or responding appropriately when it arrives, you could potentially avoid an increase in your churn rate and a decrease in your customer satisfaction scores.
NPS: The ultimate guide to the Net Promoter Score
The Net Promoter Score is a metric that helps you to measure your customer satisfaction and loyalty, which in turn gives you insights into how likely they are to stay with you and recommend your brand to others. Read the full article to discover how it can help you to nurture more loyal customers.


The Net Promoter Score, short NPS, is a way to measure customer loyalty It was the American author Fred Reichheld who created the concept, which he presented in his book The Ultimate Question (2006), and the score has since become increasingly popular. Reichheld had been researching how one can measure customer satisfaction and customer retention and their relation to how successful and profitable a company is and can be. It is now widely used as a metric and an indicator of the growth of a company. Companies all over the world can check the status of their customer relationships and loyalty and learn how to make improvements.
On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend [Company] to friends and family?

Your respondents (customers) are then sorted into three categories, depending on the score they give:

9-10: These customers are your Promoters
7-8: These customers are your Passives
0-6:These customers are your Detractors
Not sure how to calculate your NPS score and looking for an NPS calculator? No worries! It's really easy to work it out.

Just subtract the % of Detractors from the % of Promoters and you will get a number from -100 to 100. This is your Net Promoter Score.
No! :) The NPS template is free to use when you create a Netigate account. You can sign up for a free trial here to check it out. You'll find it under 'Templates' when you click 'Create a survey' on the login homepage!
No— there's more! Netigate is a complete solution and a survey tool for your employee and customer feedback needs. From your yearly employee reviews to automated customer service questionnaires, you can do it all with us. You can read more about our solutions here.
Net Promoter®, NPS®, NPS Prism®, and the NPS-related emoticons are registered trademarks of Bain & Company, Inc., Satmetrix Systems, Inc., and Fred Reichheld. Net Promoter Score℠ and Net Promoter System℠ are service marks of Bain & Company, Inc., Satmetrix Systems, Inc., and Fred Reichheld.

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