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Case studies

Customer Experience


travel & tourism
We can easily gather feedback from our customers with Netigate. This helps us ensure that we are focusing on the right things.
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Employee Experience

credit europe bank n.v

banking, finance & insurance
Netigate has been a great partner to assess our employee engagement and identify the areas to focus on.
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Customer Experience


transport & warehousing
With Netigate, we quickly achieved greater project transparency throughout the company group.
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Customer Experience

protected: continental

Netigate helps us to find out what worked well at events and what we need to optimise. This enables us to increase the satisfaction of our customers and our employees, and to improve our processes
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Customer Experience


sewage, waste, electricity & water
Even complex survey scenarios can be done easily and fast thanks to the user-friendly logic functions. Ditmar Ott, Process- and Systemmanager EnBW
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Employee Experience

travis perkins

building & construction
Netigate enables us to create and send surveys quickly and easily. In addition we can now share direct insights with our key stakeholders immediately, thus enabling action planning to commence without delay, Rob Walden, Head of HR Analytics
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Customer Experience Employee Experience

northumbrian water group

sewage, waste, electricity & water
Easy and fast to create, collect, and analyse results.
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Market Research


manufacturing & industry
The results were persuasive. We will extend our work with Netigate to other product groups in the future.
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Customer Experience Employee Experience


banking, finance & insurance, law & consulting services
We have increased our recognition and linked the whole company better. Netigate is an appreciated tool for conducting surveys in our company.
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Employee Experience


repair & installation
Netigate enables us to conduct engagement surveys fast and easily and share the results within the whole company for immediate action.
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Employee Experience


To have a solution that makes collection of the data easy, analysis of the data fast and efficient, and really helps you gain insights about your business and employees – makes our life easier.
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Customer Experience

lufthansa city center

travel & tourism
With Netigate, we invest in a professional solution, which makes our work in all task areas more efficient.
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Customer Experience


building & construction
The Netigate API gives us the possibility to work with feedback management in a structured and time efficient way
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Customer Experience


With Netigate, we've taken a holistic approach to our survey and campaign follow-ups
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Customer Experience

circle k

other consumer services
Netigate – our tool to measure our customers’ pulse
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Market Research

rtv media group

Especially for the establishment of our product test community, Netigate was essential.
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Market Research


advertising, pr & market research
With Netigate, the data of about 35,000 survey participants can easily be collected and analysed. With just one click, intermediate results are available.
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Customer Experience

egmont publishing

Working with insight-based measures to improve our customer ratings is both important and exciting. We can now make relevant changes as we actually have knowledge
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