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Playground Tech

Magnus Villson
Magnus Villson
CompanyPlayground Tech is a technical consulting firm and provider of IT services.
IndustryData, IT & Telecommunications

Engage sparks Playground Tech’s growth and strategic decisions

Playground Tech, a technical consultancy and managed services provider, is one of Sweden’s fastest-growing companies. As growth began to accelerate, they implemented Netigate’s platform ā€“ Engage. The aim is to ensure the well-being of the organisation and to have engaged employees, both during and after the ongoing growth journey.

Implementation of Engage

Magnus Villson, CEO of Playground Tech, led the implementation of Engage. He believes that a key aspect of improvement lies in providing the entire organisation with the chance to consistently offer feedback. And even though it might seem obvious, Magnus and his team put a lot of emphasis on explaining the importance and expectations around how they will handle feedback going forward.

Moreover, Magnus discovered that implementing Engage was both technically and organisationally uncomplicated. By promptly initiating pulse surveys, they swiftly gained insight into the organisation’s overall health and well-being.

Making data-driven decisions

At Playground Tech, maintaining flexibility and agility in decision-making is crucial, especially amidst the ongoing expansion phase. However, rapid growth necessitates swift decision-making and adaptation, but it is crucial to involve the entire organisation. Here, Engage plays a vital role for Playground Tech.


Engage helps us validate our gut feeling. We can easily see whether the data aligns with our intuition or not, allowing us to either reinforce or modify our decisions accordingly. ā€“ Magnus Villson, CEO, Playground Tech

By consistently pulsing the organisation to gauge organisational sentiment, Magnus and the other stakeholders within the company can promptly assess how changes are being perceived, both prior to and during implementation. The capacity to evaluate the impact of decisions retrospectively is something Magnus underscores as particularly beneficial with Engage.

Driving change with Engage

Engage’s questionnaires are built on Netigate’s engagement model, which focuses on 8 key factors known to boost employee engagement. The data collected is then organised based on these scientifically-proven factors, making it easy for users to see where they might need to focus more attention and resources.

Additionally, Engage provides AI-generated ‘Insights’ and ‘Smart actions’ customised to the gathered data. This helps leaders and decision-makers understand not only what the data shows but also how it can be used to create practical strategies within the organisation. As more managers and team leaders join the platform, these features will become even more valuable for Playground Tech.

Engage lets me quickly understand where we stand and make sense of the data, allowing me to dig deeper into the details. Plus, the navigation and visualisation tools make it super easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. ā€“ Magnus Villson, CEO, Playground Tech


Using Engage has made a real difference at Playground Tech, boosting employee satisfaction and helping navigate ongoing changes within the organisation. With its straightforward setup, easy distribution, clear data visuals, and smart features, Engage has empowered Playground Tech to make informed decisions that strengthen the organisation and fuel their rapid growth.

Our engagement score isn’t just a numberā€”it’s a key financial indicator for us. When our consultants feel valued and supported, they perform at their best, leading to happier clients in the long run. – Magnus Villson, CEO, Playground Tech

Moreover, Magnus sees significant potential and interest in Engage’s product development, and its role in becoming an even more integrated part of Playground Tech’s culture in the future.


With Engage, Playground Tech receives:

A user-friendly platform

Effective visualisation of critical data

AI-generated insights and smart actions

Trend development over time

Support for strategic decisions

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