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From NPS to complete closed feedback loops

Turn customer feedback into business-critical insights

Companies that actively listen to their customers have a significant advantage over their competitors. That’s why you should take advantage of Netigate’s expertise for your customer survey programs: DIY survey tool, feedback management and customized CX consulting services..

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Capture CX insights at key touchpoints

Whether it’s regular customer surveys, NPS queries, or market research, our Netigate Feedback survey tool gives you comprehensive insight into the state and drivers of your customer satisfaction.

  • Ready-made survey templates and question types for the entire customer journey
  • Tailor-made surveys for each touchpoint
  • Create surveys in 60+ languages
  • Reach customers at difficult touchpoints using tailored distributions methods like SMS or QR code
  • Track your CX KPIs (e.g. NPS, CSAT, etc.) in real time
  • Analytics to pinpoint key customer satisfaction factors
NPS Software
Measure engagement, ambassadorship, and brand loyalty with this efficient, easy-to-track metric.
CSAT software
Increase satisfaction for more motivated and engaged customers with our CSAT survey tool.
Customer service
Maintain your customers and reputation. Measure your customer interaction performance with Netigate’s customer service surveys for positive customer experience and word of mouth.
Churn management
Learning why some customers leave is critical for understanding how to make others stay.
Voice of the Customer
Gain valuable insights into your overall customers’ experience with Voice of Customer software surveys.
Customer survey software
Improve satisfaction, loyalty and retention through a better understanding of your customers’ needs and desires.
Integrate customer feedback
into existing processes and technology
Understand customer sentiment
towards your products, services, and brand
Immediately close the loop
with real-time notifications
Mitigate problems and follow up
with customers for long-lasting relationships

Close the loop: track & address customer satisfaction

Do you receive feedback in a survey that requires an immediate response? Close the feedback loop now – with Netigate’s survey platform:

  • Alerts and notifications, e.g. to your service agents (also via API).
  • Immediate response from your side for higher customer satisfaction
  • Comprehensive management reports to inform strategic actions to improve the customer experience

Identify the drivers of customer satisfaction

Measuring customer satisfaction is one thing – understanding it is another. Thanks to the in-depth analysis and reports in our Netigate Feedback survey tool, you can also see the drivers “behind” the numbers.

  • Pinpoint key problem areas with advanced analytics
  • Benchmark and track progress against key CX KPIs
  • Uncover the ‘why’ behind NPS and CSAT by sorting qualitative data into custom topics
  • Elevate customer centricity by sharing CX insights across the organisation
  • Drive action backed by data across the CX journeyĀ  Ā 

Learn more about customer feedback

The future of CX

Welcome to the 3rd edition of our Future of CX report, written by CX professionals, for CX professionals.


Your guide to choosing and using three essential customer experience metrics: CSAT, NPS, and CES.

10 tips for customer surveys

Our feedback experts share their 10 top tips for getting the most out of your customer surveys.


Partner with our world-class expert team to roll out customer feedback initiatives and immediately start closing the loop with customers

Need more resources and expertise?ā€Ø
We’re here to help you plan, implement, and analyse your customer experience projects.

Customer experience software is a cloud-based solution that allows you to collect real-time feedback from your customers. It gives you the tools you need to measure your customersā€™ experiences at every touchpoint in their journey with your company.
Only by measuring and investigating your current customer experiences, can you improve future ones. And this is important: after all, 84% of companies who invest in improving their customer experience see an uplift in revenue.

Your customers are always on the move, so you need to catch them at a timeā€”and in a placeā€”thatā€™s convenient for them. That is why Netigate offers a variety of survey distribution methods to gather customer feedback including email, SMS, web links, widgets and more.

Netigate handles customer data with utmost care. We are GDPR compliant with EU-based servers. We’re also ISO 27,001 certified, which is a globally-recognised stamp of approval on our data security management.

Yes, we have a dedicated team of professional experts that will help you with any questions you might have. Starting with the set-up and implementation of the surveys to the analysis of the data and the decision-making process ā€” Netigate is there to support you and your business.
Noā€” there’s more! Netigate is a complete solution and a survey tool for your customer and employee feedback needs. From your yearly customer experience reviews to automated customer service questionnaires, you can do it all with us. You can read more about our solutions here.
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Hear from our customers

We can easily gather feedback from our customers with Netigate. This helps us ensure that we are focusing on the right things.
Isak Lysfoss Gunnerfeldt
Digital Marketer, Munich Leadership Group
The Netigate API gives us the possibility to work with feedback management in a structured and time efficient way
Caroline GĆ„rd
Customer Relations Coordinator, Balder
Working with insight-based measures to improve our customer ratings is both important and exciting. We can now make relevant changes as we actually have knowledge.
Story House Egmont
Nina Grannes
Brand and Insights Manager, Egmont Publishing

Why choose Netigate as your customer survey solution

Secure & GDPR compliant

Data security is our top priority. Your sensitive customer feedback data is safe with us. We are ISO 27,001 certified and GDPR compliant with servers in the EU, meaning you can safely gather your feedback online.

Single source of truth for you CX program

Powerful but intuitive, the Netigate platform makes it easy to create, distribute and analyse a variety of customer experience surveys. Start from scratch or use our expertly-crafted temples to reach your audience on their terms.

Partner with our experts

Start your CX transformation with our world-class consultants. Our in-house team of experts will work hand in hand with you, delivering profound insights to elevate your CX success and prioritise Voice of the Customer in your organisation.

Powerful analytics

Unlock intelligent analytics and business-critical insights with Text Analysis. Make data driven decisions by understanding both the customer journey's impact and the underlying "whyā€.

Trusted for large-scale CX projects

Netigate did one of the largest surveys in the world with over 6.5 million respondents. That requires stability, knowledge, and capacity. We offer you a robust software that you can rely on even for advanced customer experience projects.

Get feedback anywhere

Netigate's user-friendly platform empowers you to distribute surveys seamlessly, in variety of ways like emails, embedded questions, QR codes, or two-way SMS. Connect with your audience at every touchpoint, capturing valuable insights effortlessly.

Give your customer voices value

Start today with a free trial

Discover the possibilities of our powerful customer experience solution with no strings attached.

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