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Let your customers guide the way

Let your customers guide the way

Netigate is the customer experience solution you need to perform everything from in-depth customer satisfaction surveys, to NPS calculations and event evaluations.

With experience stemming from thousands of CX implementations, we’re with you every step of the way in the competition for customer care and market share. Let your customers share their voice and make sure you listen to what they say.


Feedback when it matters the most

Automatic surveys and alerts

With Netigate API, you can easily configure surveys to be sent at specific touchpoints in the customer journey. You can also trigger alerts on deviating answers, keeping you on top of your customer feedback.

Survey solutions for all scenarios

Choose from a vast number of templates, or customise and brand your own questionnaires from scratch. Standard metrics like the Net Promoter Score or Customer Satisfaction Index are easily added.

Track your progress with yearly reports

Be your own competition. Set benchmarks to measure your performance against with yearly customer surveys. You can track and compare results over time, identifying trends and areas for improvement before defining new goals.

Evaluate events, seminars, and more

Easily create and send surveys as part of your ongoing dialogue with your customers.
Give access in the organisation to make feedback a part of decision data in larger parts of the organisation.

“Netigate helps us to find out what worked well at events and what we need to optimise. This enables us to increase the satisfaction of our customers and our employees, and to improve our processes”

A feedback solution for every touchpoint in the customer journey

Net Promoter Score Surveys (NPS)

NPS is the number one method for measuring customer loyalty. Netigate's Net Promoter Score surveys give you simple and effective feedback with real-time insights.

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Customer satisfaction surveys

Feedback from your customers gives valuable insights to continuously improve your offer, increase customer loyalty and boost sales figures.

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Customer Service Surveys

Good customer service is attractive. It helps you to maintain your customers and reputation. Measure your customer interaction performance with Netigate's customer service surveys.

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Churn Management

An increase in churn rates is a huge threat to many companies. Netigate's churn management surveys are here to help you manage and prevent customer churn.

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Powerful but intuitive, with insights and reports available at the click of a button.


Netigate API and custom-developed add-ons make integration easy.

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